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There isn't any theme, just characters I happened to make!
I will continue to update this pack as I finish new Kart Characters!

This pack currently has: 10 Characters​

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Further Character details are listed in the spoilers below!

Orbot & Cubot - Sonic The Hedgehog

Speed: 4
Weight: 2
Version: 1

Dr. Eggman's right hand robots are here to win, lest they disappoint their boss!
They're small, but they make up for it with fantastic control and balanced acceleration. They also feature a two toned palette, so both change colors!

Dr. Starline - Sonic IDW Comics

Speed: 3
Weight: 3
Version: 1.3

Dr. Eggman's former greatest admirer is here to warp to the finish!
He may be somewhat flimsy, but utilizes high acceleration and handling. His voice comes from Descole of the Professor Layton series.

Excalibur Sonic - Sonic The Hedgehog

Speed: 9
Weight: 8
Version: 1.1

Wo-oh-ooaaaa! The knight of the wind is now the knight of the kart!
Excalibur Sonic is even faster than the original, and his armor allows him to easily shrug off other racers. However the power of Excalibur is not easily controlled by knaves.

Elite Agent Rouge - Sonic The Hedgehog

Speed: 5
Weight: 3
Version: 1.1

This Rouge has the same stats as the bonuschars version, but she utilizes a two toned palette, and wears the alternate costume featured in Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces Speed Battle. She also utilizes clips from Kathleen Delaney, so this is a different way to play Rouge.

Yoyo - Jet Set Radio Future

Speed: 7
Weight: 4
Version: 1.2

THE CONCEPT OF LOVE - Designed to look straight out of his own game, Yoyo's high speed and balanced handling allow him to race as effortlessly as he skates!

Prince Sidon - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Speed: 8
Weight: 8
Version: 1.1

The prince of the zoras is here to compliment the competition!
Sidon is as fast and powerful as the animal he's based on. However this doesn't mean you can't be a good sport and compliment and encourage your fellow racers!

Razputin "Raz" Aquato - Psychonauts

Speed: 6
Weight: 3
Version: 1.1

The rookie Psychonaut Raz has embraced his inner speed demons!
Being a kid means he's quite light, but makes up for it with decent mobility and great handling.

Team Rocket - Pokemon Anime

Speed: 7
Weight: 7
Version: 1.2

Prepare to get karted twerps!
The bumbling Team Rocket trio don't have the best control, but their added speed and weight ensure they'll be blasting off to the finish line! Unless they blast off the normal way.

"Lucoa" Quetzalcoatl - Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Speed: 3
Weight: 9
Version: 2

The ex-goddess dragon is here to bless the finish line! Being a former goddess and a dragon, Lucoa is extremely powerful. However she prefers to take a leisurely pace while racing.

Chubby Cherry - Studio Killers

Speed: 5
Weight: 7
Version: 1

The lead singer of the virtual band, the Studio Killers, is bringing the party to the track!
She brings her singing voice while racing, and her stats allow her to keep the stage to herself.

V4 (03/05/21)
  • Added Chubby Cherry!
  • Updated Lucoa to Version 2!
    • Gave a complete resprite to Lucoa
    • Cleaned up voice lines
  • Replaced almost every character's character select and rank sprites

V3 (01/18/21)
  • Added Excalibur Sonic!
  • Fixed Team Rocket's drifting offsets, so they don't shake as much
  • Replaced Team Rocket's rank icon

V2 (11/19/20)
  • Added Prince Sidon!
  • Added Team Rocket!
  • Added Lucoa!

V1.1 (11/07/20)
  • Fixed Yoyo's hitconfirm sound
Thank you to everyone who gave criticism and feedback while making these characters!
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The sprite art and attention to detail is incredible (I especially love Orbot & Cubot and how they clam up when they get hit)! There is one little thing I noticed, though; Yoyo's hitconfirm sfx seems to be the same as Sonic's.
Quick Update!

I was informed that I forgot to replace Yoyo's hitconfirm sound. Oops.
So I did that and now all of Yoyo's clips are his own.

Thank you to Jubilathan for pointing that mistake out to me!
First big update! I've completed three new characters!

Prince Sidon from Zelda: Breath of the wild
Team Rocket from the Pokemon Anime
And Lucoa from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon maid!

I hope you have fun with the new characters!

After a while of work comes my most complex character so far! Excalibur Sonic!
Excalibur Sonic is entirely recolor-able and features two separate drifting sprites!

This update also features a minor update to Team Rocket. Fixing their drifting offsets and replacing their awful rank icon. (Goodbye R!)

Thank you to everyone for their patience and I hope the wait was worth it!
me for the next 5 hours

Thank you not only for using some of the corniest, enjoyable Jason Griffith voice clips, but also for making the gloat line as long and as over-the-top as it possibly could be.
Woah i dont really look at custom characters that often but these all look amazing! Good stuff!
ThePinkGalaxy updated Pink's Character Pack v4 with a new update entry:

Pink Pack V4

To celebrate the new MB, Pink Pack 4 has been released!

This update adds new character Cherry, a character literally only one person recognized pre-release.
Lucoa has also received a complete overhaul, with new sprites and audio!
This update also includes new character select and rank art for almost every character in the pack!

This is likely the last "wave" update as in future I'll be releasing characters as they're finished, rather than in waves.

Read the rest of this update entry...

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