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Pets: Personal Followers is a customizable follower which allows you to have your own personal nice friend on your adventures. Pets comes with a few commands and options to fit your style. I/O support included.

Main Features
Pet Skin - Select through available options to change your pet to
Pet List - Lists all the current available pets that are currently added.
Pet Color - If applicable, will allow you to change the color of your pet.
Pet Height - Changes elevation of your pet, ranges from -30 to 30.
Pet Guard - Turns on the unique pet defense abilities [ADMIN ONLY]

Pet Guard

After taking damage, your pet will swirl around you to protect you! They can't protect you from things out of their reach, but they'll hit anything they touch and go back to normal right after.

Except against Metal, they hate him

You can create and add your own pets by copying how the DefaultPets.lua within the file works! A more detailed explanation is within the Bonus Pets file. They will automatically be added to the collection once loaded.​


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