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Ova Sonic - Ova Sonic from the land of the sky makes his way into Srb2!

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If you go up to a wall, you can start running up it.

If you press jump while running, you will do a walljump.
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Super Spin
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When you press jump after jumping, you can hold the button for up to 5 seconds and charge a double jump. You know it's at max power when a glow effect appears.


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why the superform like this
Since this got reuploaded again, I should probably say this again
It's a fun character, but I do have some criticisms, but they're all on the moveset.
The wallrun activates whenever holding towards a wall when in the air, which tends to cause me to accidentally wall climb a lot, which can get annoying. Maybe having the wallrun also need a button to be held would help? Also, it seems a bit unbalanced with it not having an upper limit of height that can be gained. Maybe it can function like Espio's older wall climb ability, where it doesn't need to speed up first and rather starts fast and slows down over time?
Also, the air move seems to be a bit too similar to espio's, just without falling and slowing sonic's horizontal speed while charging it. Speaking of charging, I feel 5 seconds is a bit too long to reach full charge, breaking the flow of the game a bit. I do have some ideas for a replacement, like for example, a kind of special "homing attack"-like move. Basically, this move can only be activated while already a little close to an enemy, and when jump is pressed, OVA sonic will enter a kind of "orbit" state, where he will start floating in place, and inputting movement directions will make him orbit around the enemy in that direction, and releasing the jump button will make ova sonic dash through the enemy, giving him a boost in that direction.. The idea's based on the way the bullet dash was presented in the fully animated proof-of-concept trailer for sonic freedom (as opposed to how it functioned in the demo of said game).
But back to wallrunning, people have previously said a horizontal wallrun would go well with the wall climb, and I agree. I've noticed when going fast and accidentally wallrunning on a wall to the side (see first point), OVA sonic was wallclimbing with quite a bit of horizontal speed. Maybe this could be detected, and a wallclimb started while moving fast enough parallel to a wall wil initiate a wallrun rather than a wallclimb, which will go far horizontally and lose vertical momentum slowly.
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