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Single Player:

Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber 2/10

The level's appearance is nice, but most of the level itself if not a good portion of it is devoid of anything to make it fun.

The first time the paths split has one path that not only is a lot quicker to but it also puts you on yet another path that is way quicker than the other path you could chose in that area.

The fact that one path was a whole lot faster than the other path and even led you to yet another that is, again, faster than the other one is not completely the problem that I have with this level, it was the fact that both paths in the beginning were not even close to making them different except probably the ice and length.

The side paths were not really worth taking, even the storage room area since the level is too short for items to be of any use.

This level overall is just feels plain tedious because of the fact none of the paths have anything to make it actually fun.

Flooded Mine Zone by Spongecar 1/10

The level is very flawed. The whole level is composed of mostly corridors with little to no open areas. As for how the paths were split, you most definitely do not want it to look like you can jump over it because it just looks plain bad when playing through and it is pointless to make a part look like you can jump over when you really cannot.

The 1-up on the left path is way too easy to get, you want to have the player actually work for it by making it challenging to get or find.

The same type of texture and death pits out of your sight around corners while being underwater is a horrible combination to have, it is a bad design choice because it is a cheap death for some and it just is not even fun since there is no real challenge.

The path with the gargoyle puzzle that came directly from another level does not even add to your own level, you do not want to take bits and pieces of levels or the exact replica of a puzzle others used because it is very unoriginal and does not add anything to you own level. It would have been a lot better if you created your own orginal gargoyle puzzle and made it fun.

The end is not only unfitting but it is an easy death since any players first instinct would be jump over the row of spikes since it looks like you would have to.The areas where you have to walk around the spikes are barely visible.

The level theme is a good idea but the execution is very poor. My suggestions would be if you still want to improve this level is to look at zones like Deep Sea Zone and Arid Canyon Zone as far as the base level design goes and look at other zones from the official Sonic games such as Underground Zone (Sonic 2, Gamegear/Master System), Mystic Cave Zone (Sonic 2, Genesis) or any zone that helps you the best whether you chose to start from the ground up on this level or not. Looking at how different zones are made in Srb2, official Sonic games and even some (good) unofficial Sonic games can help you have an idea of what zone you want to make or how you want to make your level, but you have to be original and creative with your ideas.

Twilight Isles by Thompson 6/10

I really enjoyed both paths in this level. The puzzles you made were creative, especially the ones where you had to find a way to raise the water level to continue on. In the room after the one crusher it was not clear on where you had to go I assumed that you could spindash into one of the upper walls since the platform was high enough until I saw that where I needed to go on one replay of the level, in future levels I highly suggest adding some sort of visual indication like texturing or ring placement to help lead players in the right direction to completing the level. I also suggest making sure some areas are not too crowded like the stairway in the second gargoyle puzzle room and making sure ledges are not out of reach or too small to help those parts of the levels flow better. I really enjoyed the Air Glider segment at the end, it was great to see that someone added it into their level with a certain gimmick to it, although the last couple of the rings you needed to go through need to be a bit spread apart since the Air Glider does not reach them in time due to how it moves.

Overall I enjoyed this level, but it needs some work on visual indication for future references on any future levels.
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Ok... I need to give out my votes on this already...

Single Player
Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber - 2/10
Can some remind me how this is a Icicle Warehouse again? The White SRB1 enemies didn't really feel needed here as a normal Buzz could of done the trick. (I mean come on now... they move like a Buzz so... why can't it be a Buzz?)

There's also that area in which you can't escape from once you enter it, even though you tried to fix it at the last minute.

This just felt boring to me to be honest... I really should come up with something better to say... >_>
Flooded Mine Zone by Spongecar - 1/10
Why do I get the "1st Map" feeling? Blandness, didn't relaly feel like a flooded mine, and also there's the Grav-flip area which is out of place, is this a Flooded Mine or a Grav-Flooded Mine?

Speaking of the Grav-Flip area... "Hmm... spikes, maybe I have to jump over them. *Dies*" | "Ok... maybe a smaller jump? *Dies*" | "Oh! You can simply walk around them, how could I of guessed seeing as the floor around the spikes was very narrow and hard to see?"
Twilight Isles by Thompson - 9/10
I don't really need to say anything here, as the other posts kinda explains it, however... at least let me say this... I pretty much enjoyed the Gilder part, the rings were easy to get through for me and also was greeted with a exit that was just... wow.

There was one part I didn't like, and that was in this area... *Before anyone asks, yes, I Noclipped to this area because I was lazy to go to it again.*

Took me awhile to actually get to the platform there, as ether I am too slow so it's out of my reach with a jump, and so I have to fall and restart. (Is this the part where it sigsevs everyone? If it is... odd that it didn't for me.)

Also... why did Tails get nerfed in this map?
I would do Multiplayer, if I played through all the maps before the server shut down. >_> *Thanks Red.*
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Multiplayer Level Pack

MAPM1 - Setting Sands Zone by ZarroTsu -
Took me a while to actually figure out you added a colormap. The level was spacious and there were lots of rooms to explore. I liked how you made the sand rise up and go back down. I did get lost pretty often and the death pits did annoy me a bit.
Rating: 8/10

MAPM2 - Celestial Sanctuary Zone by Mystic -
The level in my opinion was pretty big and there was lots to explore which I liked. However the pit got very annoying. One wrong move and you'd end up in it. Everything else was awesome. Although I did find some springs in the level unnecessary and it was pretty tough to get to some of the weapon panels if you weren't careful. Other than that I really enjoyed myself.
Rating: 8/10

MAPM3 - Quick Cliffs Zone by Scizor300 -
Name says it all. I found that the level looked good though and I enjoyed myself as well. However I don't really know if the house up on that ledge really fit the theme and there could've been more stuff added onto the level.

MAPM4 - Orange Stream Zone by Brawl -
Well I really didn't like this one so much. I got lost frequently, weapon rings could've been split up more, the crusher was irritating at times, and I found that the ceiling was lower in some places than in others.

MAPF1 - Castle CTF Zone by Teleporter 412 -
This one wasn't so confusing. However some of the things didn't seem to work like the teleporter to the red base which would cause players to find another way into the castle. There were unnecessary things all over the place. I could barely find any weapon panels as well.
Rating: 3/10

MAPF2 - Water Hall Zone by Kuba11 -
Wow I loved this. The theme in general fit, the level itself wasn't so huge, and there were different paths to the bases. I did find though that you could spam the bounce ring at the bases which would get very annoying. Maybe try putting the weapon panel somewhere else? Also I found the whole level a bit too dark. Placement of monitors wasn't so great especially in the middle where you could find a cluster of them. Other than that I found the level very enjoyable.
Rating: 7/10

MAPF3 - Seaside Strike Zone by RedEchidna -
This level was so simple yet so fun, but I also found a few things that I didn't like here and there. The bases seemed to close to each other. It only took me 9 seconds to reach the other teams flag. The textures, I found, fit the theme though as well as the name.

MAPF4 - Gravity Garden Zone by Charybdizs
This was a good try at making a CTF map and it was pretty good too. There was lots of detail, and the color map you gave the water was pretty nice. However I found the level to be laggy possibly due to all the Fof's? Also I found the pit in the middle unnecessary since I always went around it.

MAPF5 - Volcanic Temple Zone by Metal Fighter -
Oh we finally get to my level. I must admit I forgot to add the flags for Blue and Red base so players could tell where they were going and I am sorry about that. Also I have been getting lots of complaints about the lava falls that come right before a player reaches the bases. I did this on purpose to make it difficult for a player to reach the bases. I originally had Flame Jets there but I decided against it which was probably a mistake. Also the Library had a staircase that led to the upper room only with knuckles. However I don't think I saved the level correctly and when I submitted the level the room wasn't there. If you have anymore complaints or concerns make sure to post them so I know what to work on next time.

MAPR1 - Mushroom Hill Zone by Simsmagic -
Well in general the level didn't look to good at all however I enjoyed myself a lot playing on it. I suggest you add a bit more detail next time though.

MAPR2 - Cherry Canyon Zone by Katmint -
My goodness. Of all the race maps I've seen this one must be the longest. I swear it was tougher than Heaver Pass and the rest of the official maps. It took me about 3-5 minutes to finish a single lap. I found the Flame Jet to be over used in that room, death pits were increasingly annoying as well as other things. I found the theme to fit though which I guess was something good. I also liked the colormap you have the water. Again the difficulty and the length of the map was to much for me and many others.

MAPR3 - Sunken Cave by Kuba11 -
Of all the circuit levels this one was the best. It was just so fun going through this one. The theme fit I and presume it went along with the CTF level you also made.

MAPR4 - Greenflower Rush Zone by Spongecar -
Ah a 2D level. In all honesty it wasn't horrible but it could've used a whole lot more. 2/10

MAPR5 - Disco Dash Zone by Brawl -
Gah. What am I looking at here. Theme fits, but I keep falling off the path which was very annoying. I could barely finish the map due to this problem.
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Ok, here are my circuit maps rewiews:

Mushroom Hill Zone by Simsmagic 6/10
An average map. It's enjoyable, but all you have to do is bounce. I didn't like item placement and I have found some bugs. I liked the appearance of this map. It's also quite balanced for the characters, which I appreciate.

Cherry Canyon Zone by Katmint 3/10
Well, this map is quite crazy! It's not very bad at the beggining, but that last part with springs is evil. I lost 50 lives trying to get to that teleporter. It requies too much precision for a race map. The difficulty is too big to finish 4 laps with 3 lives. The appearance was quite interesting (red rocks! :3)

Sunken Cave by me
Well, it's my first map. It looks like it's not too bad after all. My priority was to balance this map for all characters and I hope I managed to do it. Note: You may have already noticed this, but there is shortcut for tails and knux behind the waterfall and the crystals are bustable blocks. This means that you are able to destroy them by spinning trough them or using knux's headbutt. Purple haterz. Big thanks to VOLT for help in testing!

Greenflower Rush Zone by Spongecar 2/10
This map is very simple, some jumps with a terrible zoom tube. It's very hard to do long and precisive jumps in 2d and adding death pits wasn't a good idea. Not too good.

Disco Dash Zone by Brawl 1/10
You should spend more time on this map. Falling out of the course, easy to miss checkpoints, terrible springs usage, a lot of useless and unreachable rings and a bad placed turrent totally spoiled it.


Castle CTF Zone by Teleporter 3/10
This map certainly has many features, but is too confusing. I had luck to meet the creator of this map and he has shown me many interesting things. Sadly, the structure of the map doesn't let us see all the gimmicks. The bases are very cramped and mazelike. This level needs to be improved. Badly.

Water Hall Zone by me
This is my second map, which actualy sucks (at least a bit :3). Nothing mych to say here, except that I need to decrase darkness, make some texture variation (evil purple haterz) and change item placement.
Note: I made a mistake, in the center of the map there wasn't supposed to be WRM, but super ring box.

Seaside Strike Zone by RedEchidna 6/10
Well, this level is quite average. I didn't like the bases and the appearance of the level and there was one big chaos (which is very good :)). The item placement is good, but the level seems to be unpolished. In my opinion, you should make thok barrer higher, so the water doesn't have wierd shape.

Gravity Garden Zone by Charybdizs 4/10
I didn't like this level. Too big vertical variation, too many obstacles, 2 similar paths, hidden and hard to reach weapon panels just didn't work out. I liked the idea of changing gravity, as it added something fresh.

Volcanic Temple Zone by Metal Fighter 8/10
A good level, but it doesn't suit ctf. You did good job in sector decorations, but the routes that leads to the bases wasn't good. If one was supposed to be secret, it certainly wasn't, because there was a path that was way shorter than the other and easier to access. The stage presents quite a challenge, especially for a player with flag, but "the other team should be the challenge, not the stage". You didn't make many things decotation and your level was too dark. Other than that, the level was very good, because it felt mysterious and ambience was very good. And by the way, I didn't know about libraries in the volcanic temples. It must be very hard to read there :3.
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Most of things I could say, people already did. Then, I'll just point out the main issues:

Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber - 4/10
You level is not bad; but wasn't that fun. I like the care you took with architecture part. I got stuck in the sector #656. DEVMODE+Tails was my salvation.

Flooded Mine Zone, Act 1 by Spongecar - 2/10
Too short. Mostly straight-forward. Make the "don't jump, turn around spikes" part more clever and clear. Test more the DSZ door to see if gargoyles always will fall in correct position.

Twilight Isles Zone by Thompson - 8/10
You're not lazy, your level isn't boring. Each turn something different, mostly harmonious. I got stuck (somewhat 15 minutes) in that water-rising-maze room, near the star. You just need to make clear what the player needs to do.
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updated my post with the missing ratings, with one exception for the stage I didn't really play in Match mode.


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Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber - 2/10

None of your levels ever feel inspired or thought-out. Your work is always half-baked and samish, and this is hardly an exception. There's a little scenic detail, but there's no real architecture and no sense of challenge, excitement, or exploration. I stopped caring after getting trapped in the poorly-concealed dead-end you decided not to do anything with.

Flooded Mine Zone, Act 1 by Spongecar - 2/10

Feels like a first map; poorly constructed, the gimmicks don't interconnect with each other or any type of theme. I think everyone else pretty much said what needed to be said here.

Twilight Isles Zone by Thompson - 8/10

Finally, something I can care about. I'll just get the bad out of the way first. The sky doesn't tile very well, and something about its image quality looks a bit warped. The music file quality seems a bit low to me and it could have a looppoint. I see what you were trying to go for with the mood though, and yeah, Amazing Mirror music isn't a bad choice. I also got a sigsegv at what I believe was one of the water parts, but I haven't been able to recreate this.

Other than that? This was a blast. The architecture is full and is given lots of detail, the level has plenty of flow and the visuals have movement throughout the level, also helping to give a sense of progression; there are plenty of alternative routes and secrets to look out for, and I keep uncovering these through each playthrough. Rings and enemies are also fairly strategically placed; you're not just going to be handed 1-ups, but if you look around, there is plenty of stuff to help keep you from running into a game over.

Most of all though, the level is extremely clever and uses SRB2's mechanics to challenge the user in unique and mostly unventured fashions, and I think this is the level's best accomplishment.

The first water segment is one of few water segments in SRB2 that I really found enjoyable because it had no water bubbles. Yeah, it's often seen as a formality to put bubbles sporadically, but in here the player is expected to cross this segment (which he didn't see before and might not have anticipated) before it's too late, and this actually improves it since doing so isn't frustrating yet gives a sense of accomplishment if you succeed on the first playthrough.

The water-skipping segment is the best example of SRB2's mechanics being used in a unique fashion. At first it isn't obvious, but when you think of it, you wonder if you will actually pull it off, knowing that failure will surely result in death. Then you pull it off, and you really just can't help but smile at the ingenuity. A lot of sections like these require the player to slow down and think, but none of this ever comes across as interrupting the flow or frustrating/boring, and although there are a few parts where I got confused and wasn't sure where to go next, the level usually does a pretty good job of keeping the player from feeling completely lost.

All in all, to me the level just feels like a work of art. The challenges, the visual details, and the constant changing of these details as the level goes onward make for a level where every moment is significant and engaging. And this level is long and still consistently thriving at that. Clearly, this is the work of someone who had the time to flesh out a level, had a lot of cool ideas, and enjoyed making it. Basically, the opposite of Glaber's levels. I'd have given this a nine if only it wasn't for those aforementioned flaws, but even then, it's pretty worthy of an 8.5. And I never give tens, so to me that's pretty high. Thanks for entering this in; for once in four months, an SP level was legitimately fun for me.

As for STH360RE, don't worry about it. You know what you're doing; if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. I can relate to what you're saying -- I kinda felt that a lot of the missions and stuff were just kind of a chore that existed to tie in with Sonic 2006, and that's probably what you were experiencing on the editing side. In the end, it's a hobby, and the time when you stop is when it starts feeling like a job.

Mr. Mystery

tl;dr: Enjoyable match maps offset by plenty of dreck in the other divisions.

== MATCH ==

Setting Hide & Seek Sands Zone by ZarroTsu - 5/10
- Way too big for its' own good
- Burying certain panels out of reach temporarily is, um, a bad idea

Celestial Sanctuary Zone by Mystic - 9/10
- Just a tad big, but awesome
- I suggest swapping grenade and explosion's positions (one is much more effective than the other)

Quick Cliffs Zone by Scizor300 - 7/10
- Wow. Pleasant suprise, this is pretty good
- Shrink the map a bit, and chop out areas of flat and empty/redundant space to improve playability in smaller netgames (namely, some of the pool and the space in front of it)

Orange Stream Zone by Brawl - 5/10
- Holy crap, Brawl almost made a decent map. Ignoring the overload of rings (which makes the map pretty lulzy itself), the layout is not too bad and ambushing people through the tall grass is funny. Quite entertaining.
- Docked 1 point for the excess of rings and that random broke-ass rising floor in the river

== CTF ==

Castle CTF Zone by Teleporter 412 - 2/10
- The fuck is going ON in this incomprehensible map? Yes, random teleports go great with a CEZ theme. Totally.
- The only salvaging aspect of this mess is the interesting base concept, blocked by a wall that must be creatively surmounted, but the base layout has close to a dozen hiding places (to say nothing of the rest of the map)
- I have yet to find anyone who has figured out how to escape the yin/yang room. Was this thing even tested?

Water Hall Zone by Kuba11 - 6/10
- Decent, but with clutter everywhere - the two central rooms are way too big
- Blinding colormap only results in confusion
- I got the enemy flag, ran back to my base and hid in there in one spot for 5-6 minutes. No one found me because you can hide practically anywhere in here that isn't high-traffic.
- Mixing regular rings in with team rings defeats the point of the latter, which is to allow one team to be able to repel the other

Seaside Strike Zone by RedEchidna - 4/10
- Remember Concrete Conflict? That's this, at the beach. Waaaaay too small
- The only character that's any good here is Sonic, as the other two just cannot keep up with the size/speed of this map
- I guess recoiling people out into the ocean is kind of funny
- Need to know how fast it can get out of hand for one side? Behold the result after 5 minutes:


Gravity Garden Zone by Charybdizs - 3/10
- It's basically...empty, yet very laggy
- Ironically, there are so many paths to the enemy flag that you can frequently capture it and seldom encounter anybody on the way. This doesn't work.

Volcanic Temple Zone by Metal Fighter - 6/10
- It's a bit cluttered and confusing, and the colormap needs serious work and brightening, but it works
- The outer paths to the bases are too simple to use and could probably render the middle area redundant except to hide in


Mushroom Hill Zone by Simsmagic - 5/10
- Decent concept, but bottomless death as punishment for any screwups sucks
- Knuckles is pretty much screwed here unless everyone else runs out of lives (quite possible)

Cherry Canyon Zone by Katmint - 1/10
<Mr. Pibb> what in god's name was katmint smoking
<Minecrafter> pot
<Mr. Pibb> worse than that

- It was already difficult, but you had throw that last bit with the springs in and twist the knife? I have yet to finish a lap of this offline. If you're not convinced this is so difficult, imagine it with any netgame lag. Yeah.
- One single pity point for being playable otherwise, in spite of this place being a laggy confusing nightmare. I especially like the checkpoint that respawns you pointing the wrong direction :\

Sunken Cave Zone by Kuba11 - 7/10
- Pretty good, if slightly cluttered and straightforward
- Knux being able to break the path obstacles is interesting, though I don't know about the worth of it here - he has shortcuts already, and it only makes it easier for Sonic users to catch you
- Loading this map floods the console with a litany of missing sidedef texture errors

Greenflower Rush Zone by Spongecar - 1/10
- Hence why 2D mode needs to use axises in future versions, so there will be even less excuse for empty maps like this

Disco Dash Zone by Brawl - 0/10
- Oh, that's right, this is what he usually submits

[00:39] <Scizor300> I love how easy it is to go off-track in Brawl's race level
[00:39] <MetalFighter> indeed
[00:39] -->| Chase ( has joined #srb2fun
[00:40] <MrMystery> Dumbass Dash Zone amirite
[00:40] |<-- Chase has left (Remote host closed the connection)
[00:41] -->| Chase ( has joined #srb2fun
[00:41] <Scizor300> Try To Stay On The Fucking Track Zone
[00:42] <Kyasarin> lol
[00:44] |<-- Chase has left (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[00:44] <MrMystery> chase's internet is doing to him what that map was doing to us
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Over The Speed Limit
Setting Hide & Seek Sands Zone by ZarroTsu - 5/10

- Way too big for its' own good
Map intended for 5 - 16+ people. IRC says you only had about 3? :S Besides this, it really isn't that damn big. It's big visually, sure, but this is intended for movement room, so you're not running into walls every 10 seconds. And I indeed tried shrinking the map during testing - it made it really downplayed and ugly (and as small as only 80%, unplayable)

- Burying certain panels out of reach temporarily is, um, a bad idea
Bad HOW? You want every panel available on a rising/sinking sands map? That's like bitching that not every ring is available. The weapon setup is useful in its opposite terrain height, exactly why it isn't available (or as easy to attain) there. Not to mention that you only had to hit another player to attain any panels you may not have had, if the instance was available to them where it was not for you. But you'd so desperately enjoy bounce ring available to everyone when the floor is highest, wouldn't you?

And yet you overlook the fact that something much more important, like say, the emerald tokens, were all set on the highest sand point to assure availability at all times, as well as negate sand drag shenanigans.


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Oh yeah, Zarro, am I illusioning if I'm SURE I see my character in a purple-ish color unless he's really near the torches?


Maybe out of retirement?
Map intended for 5 - 16+ people. IRC says you only had about 3?
That's something I've been wondering about too, actually. All the Match levels in this contest were called huge/too big, but they really aren't. If you compare them with the official SRB2 levels, they are about the same size as most of them. Few Match will work too well with only three players, and you shouldn't assume they do.


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OK, time for me to do some actual reviewing now.

Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber - 2/10
Well what can I say? The only decently designed part was the corridors where nothing was happening. I also noticed a box mounted on some speakers. Is that what you think caravans look like? That warehouse with all the monitors also can easily let you blitz the last third of the level, which is quite empty. Speed shoes and invincibility? You might as well give me all seven (multiplayer, the dev team fail) chaos emeralds and a couple hundred rings! Oh, pedantically, they're random, but same difference really. Didn't notice much memorable here.

Flooded Mine Zone, Act 1 by Spongecar 3/10
Short level is short. I have some screenshots for this one.


Yep, redundant bubbles, and redwall. Even Sonic can use the springs for air if you can't get the simple gargoyle puzzle easily, and I can see why you wouldn't, the walls make them likely to scuff your character and fall down. Also, redwall. Did I mention the redwall?

The only other part worthy of note was that odd anti-gravity area near the exit. Stealing from Egg Rock much? The only difference is it works there. Jumping over spikes while keeping your jump low for no apparent reason isn't fun, it's annoying.

Giving more than Glaber's map because I see signs of effort, but it's sort of like getting half a baby. Not half as cute as a whole one, a bloody mess.

Twilight Isles Zone by Thompson - 7/10

Now this is a decent map! Not a brilliant golden god, like many others here say, but damn decent. And quite above average. The platforming is tame, however. And tends to serve as a shortcut to get around some brilliant puzzles.
Protip: if you try to nerf a character because they break your map (or so you think) maybe there's something wrong with the map.


As the cechoflagged csay says, get a spriter for your socs. A novel concept, but if you wanted people to use the glider, put the checkpoints farther apart, and get rid of other platforms. Because I find this more fun.


Whee! I can see my house from here!


Yeah, that last hole is largely unneeded, and it would have been a nice extra puzzle to make people spindash (not a hard one, but still)


That whole collapsing platform serves to be a dick to Sonic. Nothing more. Perhaps if you put a collapsing wall here as well that's timed with that floor, with an alternate exit out of this cranny/a way to lift it from the inside?


I liked this, though. Really did. Early in, and all of a sudden, *WHAM* you lose your footing and tumble forever into whatever fate you desire least. Unless you don't suck. In which case, you jump and live.

All in all, some of the level was mildly confusing, but it was well done, except that a lot of awesome parts are too easy to cross, and I live by the path of least resistance. Blame my playing of multiplayer gametypes over one player.

Multiplayer reviews coming later!

nightmare cenz


Setting Sands Zone by ZarroTsu
- 10/10
Despite the fact I got lost a couple of times here, I loved this map... it's beautiful, awesome, It's layout rocks, it is just...Amazing!

Celestial Sanctuary Zone by Mystic - 8/10

Another nice map. I wanna say a couple of things. first, this one made me think I was playing Coop... Which isnt that good because I'd go around... calmed, and then somebody would come to rail me to death. second, I got lost several times here... (I also got lost in Zarro's Map but not as much as I did here.)

Quick Cliffs Zone by Scizor300 - 7/10
Congratz, the layout is fantastic!... Even though you need more Cactus (or cactis) oh and those mini gardens dont actually look good in middle of a Dry land.

Orange Stream Zone by Brawl - 5/10
Disregarding the fact this map is messy and makes your eyes hurt (My case), I like it... this map's layout reminds me about My Random Valley thing, which also reminds me big and (somehow) open maps aren't good for match.


Castle CTF Zone by Teleporter 412 - 5/10
It took me a while to find the enemy's flag... Srsly. Oh and you could've made an easier way to enter to the other team's base.

Water Hall Zone by Kuba11 - 9/10
Awesome map, just that

Seaside Strike Zone by RedEchidna - 7/10
too small and short :/

Gravity Garden Zone by Charybdizs - 6/10
A little bit weird and messy

Volcanic Temple Zone by Metal Fighter - 10/10
FANTASTIC!, I'm glad that you made Digital forest for the last OLDC instead of something like this. :O


Mushroom Hill Zone by Simsmagic - 8/10
I really enjoyed playing this one.

Cherry Canyon Zone by Katmint - 5/10
You do know that you have a lot of textures to use within the game right?

Sunken Cave by Kuba11 - 9/10
Now this is something amazing, this map has some awesome details and it isn't another thokfest circuit due to the obstacles in the way

Greenflower Rush Zone by Spongecar - 3/10
Im just going to skip this one...

Disco Dash Zone by Brawl - 2/10
...same as above.

Btw, Due to the fact Im too lazy to put or, to be exact... TO PLAY the coop levels, Im not gonna rate them... Besides we all know Thompson's map is gonna win anyway >>
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FuriousFox is late to finish the OLDC voting and post the results, it appears.

nightmare cenz

Maybe this means we'll have to wait a couple of days before we get to see the results. this also happened 2 months ago, when we had to wait some days before FF posted the results.

We just have to be patient and ...tada! we'll get the results.
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