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    Well, that happened.

    SRB2 Kart R1 flew out the door (get it here) to triple digit player counts on the master server and has drawn interest far afield. 48 hours later, and there are already multiple wads in the pipe for release, and I expect a lot more are yet to come.

    Characters, levels, and a lot of scripts for kart are not inter-operable with normal SRB2. To keep things easier on everyone, we'll be putting mods for kart in their own forum (here) for now, though the exact details of the arrangement may change later, depending. You may see a little wonkiness to start, but we're smoothing things out.

    People planning to release their own wads should be aware that the Filename Conventions for Maps announcement in submissions has been updated with Kart-specific information. Kart characters have their own prefix as well and version numbers are now mandatory in kart addon filenames.

    Finally, a quick reminder that adding an add-on to favorites (under "Show Your Support") will notify you when the author changes the version number. Handy!

    Have fun, everyone!

[Reusable] Nick WolfFang

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Hello everyone, I wanted to make a "return" to the SRB2 modding. And yeah, I have'nt uploaded more addons for this game because studies, work and chores. Although I will be honest, I have also been a bit lazy in finishing my projects.

I made a character which was designed for SRB2. His name is Nick WolfFang, or Nick The Wolf, my OC (Official Character). The minority of the community will know who is and has seen it in the course of the Work In Progress in SRB2 Community Server.


Now he's on SRB2 Kart! his stats are:

Weight: 8
Speed: 3


He's a bit slow on straights, but when it comes to turns, it's a little or much faster depends of your handling style. useful for tracks with a lot of turns.

This character has no sounds. Except one for the gloat / power up sound, that was my voice slightly edited. (I'm not a voice actor, but this character needs at least a voice for gloat)

Default color: Cinnamon

Have fun!


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Oh no it's a Gremlin hedgehog-
This is A Great Character! I've been using Nick more than any other Character. he's pretty easy for me to control.