No he isn't. He has no reward for getting all 7 emeralds compared to vanilla SRB2 Sonic. Junio Sonic by Motoroach is the same way but at least he doesn't break the game if you use Pandora's Box to give him a Super form. This guy does. Now there is someone who made a patch that gives him a Super form, but nobody can access it now. Yeah, I'm looking at you Xian.exe.
I've never before seen anyone so entitled. When will you realise that not everyone will share the same vision as you, and that not everyone will want to execute ideas like you would? We are not your clones, we are human beings with our concepts that we want to bring to life uniquely, and I can assure you that those concepts are almost nothing like your own. If Chengi doesn't want to give Neo Sonic a super form then so be it. Leave it at that. You are not entitled to get exactly what you want because you have no ownership over this figure. If you want to have your own Sonic with a super form then go learn how to code or something. Anything that'll stop you from asking people things which they are not at all obliged to fulfil.
Thank you.
Super Sonic was planned, but in order to get other projects out of the way the sprites weren't able to be finished in time. I will likely be adding them in some time in the future.
What's Funny Is That Adventure Sonic Can Go Super Sonic And He Even Has The 30th Anniversary Of Open Your Heart As His Theme

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