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Inspired by Jeck Jims' and Tiniest Turtles' MD2 packs, this is a small assortment of currently five models for SRB2Kart.


The fluffy prince of Deltarune's Dark World! Compatible with DirkTH's Ralsei mod. Updated most recently in V2.1.

Isabelle: The mayor's trusty secretary! Compatible with Plom510's Isabelle mod.

Jevil: He can do anything! Compatible with SeanTG246's Jevil mod.

Ba ha! Ba ha! A member of the
Super Special Sonic Search And Smash Squad, Scratch is tasked with catching that pesky hedgehog, Sonic. Compatible with Strife's Scratch mod, available in the AoStH character pack.

Grounder: Scratch's non-identical twin, Grounder is the brawn of the Super Special Sonic Search And Smash Squad definitely not the brains though. Compatible with BryantRod's Grounder mod, available in the AoStH character pack.

Mercedes-Benz Ralsei:
I'm a baa. Compatible with
NightlyComet's Mercedes-Benz Ralsei mod.

Unzip the attachment and place the mdls folder in the root of your SRB2Kart directory, merging it with the existing folder if there is one. Open mdls.dat in your root folder and paste the lines found in the download's patch file. Run SRB2Kart (OpenGL).bat and in Video Options turn 3D models ON.

Tiniest Turtles for fixing my poor texturework and doing other touchups on Isabelle.
NightlyComet, Plom510, SeanTG246, DirkTH, Strife, and BryantRod for creating the 2D variants of the characters in this pack. Without sprite mods for characters, nobody would ever have a reason to host MD2s of them.

V2.1: Remade Ralsei's model, added Merceded-Benz Ralsei. Added "Old and Outdated" .zip containing previous versions of my models, for historical purposes (or if somebody just prefers an older version for whatever reason).

V2.0: Added Scratch and Grounder. Changed Ralsei's signpost to NightlyComet's version to DirkTH's.

V1.0-hotfix1: Fixed typo in kmd2.patch, mild adjustments to Isabelle's animation frames.


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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm
Updated to Version 2!

This version adds Scratch and Grounder from the AoStH character pack. I initially planned to do more than just these two before updating the pack but I ended up putting way more time into them than anticipated. I think the end result is worth all the effort, at least.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm

Quick update to the pack; Ralsei has been updated to V2, and Mercedes-Benz Ralsei is added as his own model. I also added an "Outdated" zip just containing V1 of Ralsei at the moment, with more models to be added in the future if I ever redo more (I probably will). I had this done months ago but planned on waiting until I had enough for a proper "V3," but life got in the way and I haven't done any work in that regard in a while. V2.1 is being put out just so the new Ralsei isn't collecting dust any longer.
can you update this to 1.1?
MD2s are still compatible with V1.1, you just had to rename "md2" to "mdls" and change "kmd2.dat" to "mdls.dat" in your SRB2Kart folder.


These models look wonderful, but it frustrates me to no end that, for whatever reason, I can't seem to get them to load in-game. I followed the instructions to the letter and don't think any of my other files conflict with them, could someone PLEASE help me figure this out?

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