Behold my mostly themeless pack of characters.
Now with fourteen oddly assorted characters!

promo grid v6.png

Lua notice:
This pack contains custom lua scripts including custom trick frames for Acrobatics and a custom bump taunt. If you want to use a character in Record Attack, use the no lua version of the character in the individual characters zip file.
Loading a version with custom bump taunt lua without loading the bump taunts addon first will cause an error message to appear, however this will not interfere with normal multiplayer mode.

-First release! Wowie!

-Added Sol-Badguy. Hopefully I know how to update this post properly.

-Added Akuma, Chito and Yuuri, Sinistar, and Donkey Kong DOS
-Gonna have to take a break from Kart content for a while after this release in order to focus on some other projects and work I need to get done.

-Added Heihachi Mishima
-Changed Sol-Badguy's stats
-Ryu now has an trick animation for the Acrobatics mod. (See gif below) A lua-less version of Ryu is available in the individual character files.
-I have changed every previous character so that their name is now properly formatted for console commands, etc.
-Previous characters also now all have their map icons facing left, in order to be more in line with vanilla characters.
-Increased the loudness of Ryu and Ken's voices a bit
-Fixed various loose pixels and sprite errors on Sol, and on Chito/Yuuri
-Chito & Yuuri are now scaled down via hires scale a bit.
-Ryu, Ken, and Akuma's colors were tweaked.

-Added Kagamine Rin, megaman sprite, and Chris Yukine
-Removed individual character previews because someone thought it was a brilliant idea to limit thread authors to ten files. Want me to fix it? Fix the forum.
-Realized that Chito & Yuuri's hires flag wasn't actually written correctly and thus did nothing. I decided to just remove it and leave them their original size for various reasons.

-Added Space Marine (Warhammer 40,000)
-Added luascript for Namolos' bump taunts addon (currently only affects Space Marine)
-New compact banner thing for the MB



You can have the custom kart I made for the Space Marine and some other future characters. It's designed for more realistically proportioned humanoid characters, and is intended to be somewhat higher resolution that vanilla sprites, thus you'll probably want to scale it down by adding the following lines to your S_SKIN lump:

flags = SF_HIRES
highresscale = 0.8

Currently it only has turning sprites for the front and back sprites, but I may add full rotation turning in the future as an option.

Download turbo kart template

-Update the sprites of my DIO and Sakura and add them to the pack.
-More characters in the works!
-I'll probably make an optional file to change between English and Japanese voices, where applicable/possible. Right now the Lucky Star characters speak Japanese and the Street Fighter characters speak English. Which language should be the default, and which should be the language pack? Feel free to give your opinions in the thread comments.
-Actually do some of these future plans at some point.


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Glad to see Lucky Star getting some love! There's never enough cute anime girls in Kart. And I'm actually surprised that Ryu and Ken hadn't been made before. Kudos to you for filling that gap.

As for opinions on the voices, I think the defaults are fine as is. It's always nice to have the option to swap languages though.
Wow! I did NOT know you were good at making these characters and I didn't even see them on Discord! Great job on that pack! Seriously, I Am Impressed.
Hey! Wendee Lee & Michelle Ruff are English voice actors you know.

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I posted the link on so they can see and what they can do.


Oh yeah I should bump the thread.

-Added Akuma, Chito and Yuuri, Sinistar, and Donkey Kong DOS
-Gonna have to take a break from Kart content for a while after this release in order to focus on some other projects and work I need to get done.


Version 6 is released.

-Added Space Marine
-Why do I still have to manually edit both the Overview and Discussion page?

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