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[Reusable] Many Minor Tweaks 5.3

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a pikachu irl
And now v5.1 is out, should be the last version for a good while since I'm gonna be working on other Things from here on out!
The big change to note is that the drop-dash has been tweaked to be more momentum based, i.e. you don't get super fast if you're at a stand-still.


The living revolution.
These are some problems/bugs I've noticed when playing with the latest update that you might want to be aware of, plus an additional bug summary for simplification.

Known problems/bugs (in detail) (as of version 5.1)
  • everysuper: This command has a few problematic details.
    Firstly, the mod doesn't actually imply that the character is permitted to transform, as the "enable super form" prompt is enabled, regardless of who can and can't transform. And no, loading another super-permitted lua doesn't fix this, either. (It seems that MMT has superiority over granted super forms.) If everysuper should be enabled, then everyone should be able to go super and there is no need for the prompt to be enabled in the menu, unless stated otherwise by, for example, a modified skin (P_SKIN). They should also get their super message back in the Special Stage results screen, too.
    Secondly, it causes of number of issues for the player on Super transform sectors.
    Players who can (by default) go super on the super sector transform for a split-second, then de-transform immediately. After that, it's up to the player to transform back in their respective super state again. The sector does give the player 50 rings to transform, but (let's just say that if the entire floor was the super sector) doesn't obtain 50 rings again each time if the counter hits 0 like it's supposed, because the sector would normally regenerate the player with 50 rings and into their super state again automatically unless they aren't touching the sector by the time the player is out of rings.
    Players who can't (by default) go super on the super sector rely on (x) rings, where x is the number of rings collected or the amount set to start with in the level header, for the player (if standing on the sector) still doesn't obtain 50 rings again each time if the counter hits 0. I'm just saying that if everysuper is off and the skin does not have the flag SF_SUPER, then, and ONLY THEN, can the prompt be enabled.
  • scorecontinues: Not saying that it needs to happen, but if the level header lists that it saves by act, the number of continues should, too. Instead, the number of continues updates as soon as you reach the boss, meaning that should you the quit the level before the boss, any earned continues before then are lost. Also, they shouldn't be "earned" in Record Attack, hence, the noticeable sound in RECAT.
  • supertrail: The super trail shouldn't be visible at a standstill (while standing, balancing on a ledge, waiting, spindashing, etc.) when enabled, as it can be spotted at certain camera angles. (Combine with anglestand for more proof.)
  • supermusic: The super music doesn't immediately re-enable/disable itself while super. Instead, you have to de-transform/restart the act, then re-transform. Also, when supermusic is disabled, it should be able to interrupt the invincibility jingle as when that ends, it becomes silent. When disabled, supermusic should be the main level's theme and should only start from the beginning when interrupting the invincibility jingle.
  • totalrings: The total amount of rings (x) in the scoreboard HUD increases by x every time the player loses a life or restarts the level. Also, since the scoreboard HUD turns green when a player has all the rings in a stage, I suggest that it turns red when the player loses rings at least once to signify that a perfect bonus is no longer achievable.
  • toggleafk: The command toggleafk doesn't turn off in multiplayer. As of such, too many times I often get encountered by a screen that tells me to disable the command in multiplayer in 60 seconds, and then doesn't.
Known problems/bugs (simplified) (as of version 5.1)
  • The "enable super form" prompt should always be disabled if everysuper is enabled.
  • Super forms on super sectors should be fixed for players who can/can't transform by default alike.
  • The level header should control whether continues save by act or not, and should not be earned in RECAT.
  • Super after-images should only be visible if the player is in motion.
  • Super music should take effect immediately./Super music should be main level's theme when disabled and should be able to interrupt the invincibility jingle only when supermusic is disabled.
  • Total rings shouldn't increase upon death or restart.
  • Total rings should be red when you can't get a perfect bonus anymore.
  • toggleafk should be able to deactivate in multiplayer.
Also, BT_USE should be changed to BT_SPIN.

(This took me about 1.5 hours to write. Am I being petty? I think I'm being petty.)
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a pikachu irl
Howdy y'all! Been a long time since this mod got updated, and now I've entirely re-structured how this mod works from the ground up, this new version is called "MMT Revamped"!

MMT Revamped no longer requires the use of console commands, it instead relies on a HUD menu (activated by Custom3 by default) to do it's magic! It's only missing a few insignificant features from the previous version, but by v2.0 they'll be back and swinging.

You can use the "import settings" feature to import your old settings into the new version.


a pikachu irl
Sorry for a same-day-update, but I had to fix a good few things real quick. Saving individual local variable settings should work now, and you can now change the amount of options viewable per page. Oh, and, token to rings should work now, cuz it didn't before, whoops.
EDIT: Almost forgot, I also changed deaths counter and how it works; now you can toggle an option to preserve the death counter between levels. Do note if you've changed this setting in revamped v1.0, you'll need to change it around again in order for the console to not print out any errors about settings being reverted back to default variables.
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a pikachu irl
Hey y'all, it's update time!
I've re-introduced Classic Special Stage and Score-to-Continues from the previous MMT variant; both work way better than ever. Score-to-Continues displays a lil thing at the tally screen, showing how many continues the player has. And if they get a new one from getting enough points, a new one drops right in!

Classic Special Stage let's you toggle the regular in-stage emerald tokens on or off; and when you collect 50 rings with either option enabled, you'll end the current stage by entering a special stage via warping!

There's a whole bunch of other minute tweaks to the tweaks, like Deaths Counter now allowing you to change the HUD without needing to respawn to have the changes be present, a few tweaks now display a second sentence with more information, the menu noises were changed a bit to be more relevant to what's going on, and more! As always, check the changelog for more info.


The living revolution.
This mod is a huge improvement over the original! Great work!

I should mention that there are still some issues though. The "N" folder issue still isn't fixed, though (as unimportant as that is). And it would be a better idea when you set mmtmenukey to off to have you quit out of the menu with the button that it was assigned to before you quit, and then disable it, because when you disable the key, you can't quit out of the menu without exiting to the title screen/quitting the game. Also, maybe make a command for mmtmenukey so you can set the key back without quitting the game and manually changing it yourself.

But, I suppose that's being selfish of me, again.


a pikachu irl
Hey y'all, it's update time! Not a massive one this time, I'm mainly waiting for the next version of SRB2 to (hopefully) introduce some neat lua features. This is primarily a bug-fix update.

There is a new-ish feature though, it splits the special stage animation used for Classic Special Stage into its own option! Also I decided to drop the "V" from "VL" in the file-name, just because I felt like it.

EDIT: Whoops, just caught a bug that needed to be fixed ASAP! Sorry y'all! Made v2.1.1 to quickly patch it.
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May Thok
Two nitpicks:
1) why does pressing spin sometimes triggers your super form? I set my super key to ringtoss, it makes no sense.
2) Why are the infinite lives always turned on? It makes the continues useless.


I remember playing this in the previous version, and finding that it seems XMomentum's hyper form feature doesn't seem to work, at least not all of the time. I'm wondering if it's something on my end, though.


a pikachu irl
Hey y'all, it's update time again! This one is very massive, bigger than I even anticipated!

In a nutshell, the update brings in a couple of new features, and...many minor tweaks, to many minor tweaks! (sorry)

The main one being the Misc. Options menu, where a lot of previous options have been moved there to declutter the main options screen! In it contains the option to not have the Deaths Counter HUD disappear after a short while, and you can now change the color of the text the HUD uses!

There's two new commands, both of which lets you change settings without needing to use the HUD at all, if you so desire!

On top of all of that, there's been a whole lotta bug fixes, including but not limited to Deaths Counter fixes all around the board, Super Key/Super Music now working properly with super sectors on maps, and a few more here and there that I forgot to actually mention in the changelog, they'll be Surprise Bug Fixes!

Finally, I had to disable the HUD in multiplayer, since all this time it's been causing massive desynch issues and I'm not entirely sure why. I'll try prodding at it next update, and see if I can get it all fixed up. However, it appears "mmtchangevar" works just fine in multiplayer, so you can use that instead!

p.s. There's been a hidden topping added to orderpizza. It's red like pepperoni, but far more explosive...
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a pikachu irl
Oh boy, it's update time again. This one is another juicy one, because it introduces modding capabilities! What this means is that other mods can hijack MMT's menu system, and have variables for their scripts be changed via MMT's menu system! An example mod is provided in the attachments, and within MMT's PK3 you'll find documentation on how it all works! I already have an update in the works that has one of my other mods, SRB2: Chaos Edition, adding support for MMT's mod system!

In other news, a few new tweaks were added, most notably "Change SFX"! This let's you change the player's SFX to be that of Sonic CD's, Knuckles' Chaotix, and Sonic 1/2/3K! It'll also change the corresponding sound springs make when you use them!

Finally, as per usual, there's been a buttload of bugfixes, and other minor things added. Check the changelog for more info!

This might be the final update in a long while, assuming I can't find the culprit to whatever's causing issues w/ the HUD in multiplayer. It's hard testing for this, since hosting a server on my own machine doesn't cause the issue, but when it's hosted via actual netplay from someone else's computer, the issue is indeed present, so it's a tricky thing to bugfix.
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Saturn Ross

The Local Bird-Brain
I got this loaded almost all the time in single player, a lot of these tweaks are just perfect for me! I rather like the new menu, both for convenience and the fact you can customize it a bit. There are some things I do wanna note, though!

I really like the continues displayed at the results even with score continues off, but I wish one could toggle it so rather than having the icons "stack", it does the animation and all but just puts the icon in the same place and shows a number. The stacked icons look a bit off to me personally but it's a cool touch!
I also love the Special Stage animations, but sadly when rolling into the goal sign, you still see your spin trail go off into the distance, and with Chrispy Characters' neck modules enabled, their heads appear but not their bodies. Perhaps along with doing the animation and making the character invisible, you could put them in a state where they stop instantly and enter a state where CC's necks don't activate?

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