graphic replacement

  1. It'sSonki!

    [Open Assets] Morbius Bucks v1.1

    So one day I was thinking, "Yeah so Sonic and his friends live on the planet of Mobius. So, Sonki and his friends would live on the planet of 'Morbius' cuz funny." And then I had the idea to change all the rings into Morbius bucks. And here you go. Ok this mod does what you expect. Replaces...
  2. Kirb

    [Open Assets] Title screen template v1

    simple thing I made, this isn't supposed to be a showcase, but a resource credit is not needed at all you can just drag and drop this into your mod and it should work fine, be sure that there are no other scripts overriding the mod, also there are some comments in the lua file.
  3. RalphJeremy65

    DualShock 4 and Switch Joycon Tutorial Zone Sprites v1/v1.0.1

    These are two sprite replacement mods I made out of boredom that basically replaces the Xbox controller in the Tutorial Zone with either a PS4's DualShock 4 or a Nintendo Switch's Joycon pad, as well as also altering the tutorial dialogue to reflect said controllers. Thought of dropping it to...
  4. Superjustinbros

    Fruit Plus v1

    This is a mod that I initially completed last year and after some delays I finally decided to post it here for a wider audience. Loading this into SRB2Kart will replace the Chao fruits in Dark Race, CK Chao Circuit 1, and CK Chao Circuit 2 with new sprites done from scratch using the originals...
  5. Mattioz

    Mattioz Alternative HUD 1.0

    This alternative HUD takes some huds from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Chaos (Fan Game) and inserts them into the SRB2 Kart. Alternative Font for the Title Cards, Lap Count, Timer and Speedometer: Alternative Lap Count Ball: Alternative Finish Text: And for Battle Mode the HUD changes with...
  6. Logan McCloud

    [Open Assets] Logan McCloud's Sprite Replacements

    Logan McCloud submitted a new resource: New NiGHTs Booster Sprites - New Model, New Render Read more about this resource...
  7. Logan McCloud

    [Open Assets] Logan McCloud's Sprite Replacements v1.1

    At long last, I've taken it upon myself to replace a few of the old sprites that still exist in SRB2 2.2 Featuring: A new more faithful NiGHTs bumper (with a star)! New, easier to see, small spikeballs (They even fit better into their big hitbox!) New Crystals (Which make look familiar if...