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A somewhat enhanced port of Lovely Afternoon. Some of you who know I'm on the Kart Krew are probably wondering why this is an addon as opposed to being saved for SRB2 Kart's base set. Well, I don't feel like this belongs in the main game. try as I might, I still don't feel quite happy with how this turned out. It's just one of those maps that is a product of its age, and not really suited to the newer, higher standards for Kart, and its old mistakes just feel even worse.

I fixed a lot about this map, but its still got too many issues, so if you even DO see this map in the base game, it would probably be in a very different form. But it's not entirely without merit, and I'm sure some of you will still get a kick out of it anyway. I still did; I learned more about mapping for Kart, relearned some stuff I forgot, I don't regret this transfer from 2.0 to 2.1, and maybe you will too.


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And now I remember why I hated this map in 2.0.

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