[Open Assets] Logan McCloud's Low Poly MD2s 2.0 (NOW WITH KART)

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Logan McCloud

Release 2.0! Now with Kart compatibility!!


Watch the Animated Trailer Here!

My original mission statement for making this pack was "What if SRB2 was made in Quake instead of Doom?" and enforced strict polygon and palette limits taking art influence from a lot of PS1 and Saturn era games.

I took advantage of how SRB2 handles textures and used the included wad file to help optimize polygons, create texture animation, and some other bonuses!

Here's some of the changes you get if you use the wad!​


I've also included a reference file so you can more easily swap stuff in and out without having to track down this forum post. Make sure to use it as it tells you whether or not a model needs the wad. Some stuff (like Christmas assets) are disabled by default so as to reduce conflict with other mods.

Be sure to load "logans_md2_textures.wad" last to avoid conflicts with the textures.

Having weird issues with the pack? Crawlas and Checkpoints look weird? Follow this tutorial: Click Here

Currently supported characters/mods:
Tails CD
Metal Sonic
Metal Anyone
HMS123311 (Yup)

Chaos Domain
Top Down

Metal Sonic
Daytona USA Hornet
Feet Sonic

So I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave me questions, feedback, and feature requests (like characters!) as I want to make this pack the absolute best it can be.

Update Log (1-15-2019)
Kart compatibility, including a TON of characters and items
Tails CD
REAL knux
Castle Eggman Shield Enemy
Some KIMOKAWAIII compatibility
LOTS of wadless support, hopefully that makes things easier for people.
Split the download 3 ways for easy organization

First release


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Alright, I absolutely LOVE this model pack for completely seperate reasons from the reasons why I love Jeck's Saturn models, for one, Jeck's models are trying to replicate a Saturn look and feel and that's fine and dandy, but this pack has its own identity and it looks a lot like something of a genesis-styled PS2 model for Sonic and I LOVE IT.

I only have a couple suggestions and maybe a complaint, but here goes nothing.

I would Love to see more custom character wad support, now I don't mean stuff like "plz support Jasper/Dirk/every character available on the message board" because this stuff takes time and I think it's good enough that you support Shadow. What I do mean is characters like Tsonic or TailsCD and maybe even PointySonic when he comes out, These characters have unique animations that take more advantage of the resources you have without limiting you by framecounts, Such as TSonic's Peelout animation, TailsCD's animated tails, and Pointy's head movement.

One thing I would suggest is maybe a couple character replacements (Sonic and Tails, namely) that take full advantage of the extra wad you have created with all the sprites replaced with textures. this means you would be able to have Sonic's eyes track your position as a player walks by, or giving him a seperate peelout animation when he runs fast enough or giving Tails two different running animations.

The only complaint I have is with Sonic's walking animation, it looks kind of like a waddle. Everybody does this with their walk cycles for MD2's and I just recently realised why it looks so... janky. I also know the reason why most people do this rather than a more expressive jogging style and that's because most people don't use analog mode like I do. When you strafe, if you have a walk animation that looks super exaggerated and forward moving, it looks weird. If you didn't have to worry about this, say, thanks to the directionchar feature that's coming in 2.2, then this wouldn't be as much of an issue but as it stands I would maybe like to see an alternate walk cycle for Sonic that's more expressive if possible.

It must've been a long year and a half journey to complete this and I absolutely applaud your effort, I saw the Idle animation gif a month or so ago on the Discord server, with someone commenting "this is what it would look like if MD2s were in software" and since then I have been waiting to see what would come of it. I must say I never expected something this expansive.
Thank you!

Support for more custom characters is already planned, alongside support for SRB2 Kart very soon hopefully!

Wad support for extra faces on Sonic or other characters is something I wanted to do but it might present an issue with going online not to mention bloating the filesize of the wad, but I'll see how things turn out! I'd love for things to be simpler, ie just using a gif file externally.

I was actually afraid I had made Sonic's walk too jaunty so it's good to know I didn't pull too far and I might try to make it stronger later.

And oh boy was it! I would've had this done about a year sooner, but I do game animation for a living and that can eat into my time and motivation to load up my modeling program for personal work haha.

I appreciate the in-depth feedback!
I've been helping with development and testing on this for a loooong time and I'm so stoked to see it get a proper release, congrats man!!!
Man, the usage of a wad to define MD2 textures certainly takes me back!

Kinda wish that the characters were also done in this way, since the way that SRB2 handles model colors kinda... sucks. But well, the only one that would be able to recieve that treatment would be Sonic, unless you used Lua to change out the sprites of Tails and Knuckles, with "actual" sprites.

Edit: To reply to Logans next post without being spammy: OH GOD YES EXACTLY
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I honestly just wish the blend file used a gradient ramp from the palette selected instead of just "white, base color, black". I would KILL for proper palette mapping with models.
This is awesome! animated textures is something that no one would ever believe it was possible, just like slopes were a couple years ago.

I loved the art style that you used, as Rumia said, looks like something right out from genesis/mega drive, and sonic's waiting animation made me download this pack.
That even though i couldn't use the MD2s the best way possible, because of my 20fps.

Resuming, this pack is loveable, and you should keep like this, original.

I'm agreeing with Rumia another time, Sonic's walking animation looks off.
Just that.
Thanks guys. Additional characters are still in the works.

Petit, you might want to change your draw distance settings, I use 4096 myself.

Also, wip for Kart support:
Thanks guys. Additional characters are still in the works.

Petit, you might want to change your draw distance settings, I use 4096 myself.

Also, wip for Kart support:


Now we're talking!

Jk, that looks cool. Also looks pretty nice already.

Thanks for the tip, i'll do that.
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Should Anime eyes sonic have a blend and it's own animations?
Which characters do you plan to the MD2 pack?
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Crawlas has the same problems as knuckles

Could you show me a screenshot of the crawlas? I've only seen errors regarding people not loading the wad correctly for the crawlas.

Should Anime eyes sonic have a blend and it's own animations?
Which characters do you plan to the MD2 pack?

The blend is the same as Sonic since the only thing changed is the eyes. I plan to do
Knuckles (for real)
All the Kart racers
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I wonder if others like Virt and Jeck Jims try to help you out.

(I also like the reference to Tails' Ssf2 taunt/Game Gear in the idle)

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