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For some unknown reason Hinote gets a ridiculous boost in her Flare Jump if she is jumping off a rising platform. Given how Flare Jump usually works this doesn't seem intended although I might be wrong...
For what it's worth, the same happens with vanilla SRB2's Whirlwind Shield's double jump ability. This is due to the "platform Z movement" being taken into account on all jumps (including double jumps), but not being reset to 0 when jumping/in the air. I think that it's fixed for SRB2 v2.2.1 once that'll be released.
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I'm pretty sure both of those are intended. I know for a fact Hinote's Flare Jump boost is because it's programmed to do that. I guess for consistency? It's definitely very fun though.
Cool character "dudette" but I gotta ask:
Why did this character get rereleased so much in 2.1 (unofficially, of course)
Yikes! I gotta hand it to Alice, she made one of the most timeless characters for SRB2!
Also, between 2.0 and now, did she stop loving cake?
Hey Alice, i really enjoyed a return of your character, especially for her original moves
Also, since this is a legacy character, doesn't that mean that is going to be released a brand new Hinote with new abilities and new sprites?
It's good to have Hinote back!

There's a slight bug with her as she is now, though: when equipped with a shield other than the Elemental Shield, she spawns a fire trail not just when she's rolling, but when she's just charging up a spindash. Since the orientation of the fire trail objects is determined by the angle of the player's movement, the spindash-charging fire trail always spawns at an angle of 0. This means that depending on which way Hinote is facing, the trail can spawn behind her, in front of her, to the side, etc., which can look pretty odd.


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Holy crap, I can't believe you are still active on here. owo
It's been too long, but I'm glad you are still at it after all this time. :D
I've never tried her before, but this is a really cute and fun character! I think think she and Inazuma are my favorite OC wads. She's also especially fun with Momentum.
Hey Alice! It's nice to see her back (and her incoming updated version looks great too), but... I was looking through her files in SLADE, and her custom sounds (DSHINFI and DSHINJU) are duplicates of DSS3K47 and DSCDFM02 respectively (both of those sounds are in srb2.pk3)

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