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[Reusable] LauncherBlast2 reBoot

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Hey everyone!

I just want to drop an update for you guys as I've been very inactive and not touched this for a while. Don't worry! It's not dead. I intend to work on the launcher and maybe re-build it from the ground up, which might include new UI.

I apologize for not updating the launcher for the past year or so. Life has thrown a lot at me, and university is very stressful for me. I will be graduating summertime next year, so I intend to start working on this around that time.

I nearly dropped the project completely, as I feel that 99% of the features people used to use a launcher for are now present directly in the game (eg; addons, opengl toggle, window size, windowed/fullscreen), but it seems there is some amount of a community around this launcher at this point, and I appreciate that more than I could ever express in words.

I apologize once again for the long wait, and that the wait hasn't come to an end just yet, but stay tuned as I will be releasing new versions in future once I have my life together. I haven't forgotten about this launcher, or the people who use it.


having an issue

i've copied and pasted the commands i was supposed to into the console. when i start the game it says srb2win.exe could not be found.

Yume Dragoon

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There is 1 thing I think is missing

You know how the MC launcher has profiles? What if you could select your own little profiles for things like total conversion mods and exe mods. I think that would be a really nice feature that this launcher could benefit from.

Of course the user would have to make the profiles for the mods.


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i kinda need help, when i launch it, it always fails bc it failed to execute ''LauncherBlast2Main''
it's kinda making me rage alot, i dint happend before.
[edit lol:ok i just deleted and and redownloaded it and it worked so no help.]
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