known as MM2Wood in-game
so i tried this character for a while.
gonna say i really had fun with Kanade;
the moves, the ability, man, even the character itself looks good.
Hope this little change creates a great brainstorming idea for everyone
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Sinny the Fennec is my YT
Lat here took his Wafiu and then give her Co-op usage, Double Jump to SlowFall, and a Flicky Move. Amazing Glourious Stuff.

Basic Bronze Sonic

no more basic now only meme
Lat-Jokes aside, Kanade Tachibana comes from Angel Beats!, an anime from 2010 you probably don't remember
Me having flashbacks of Angel Beats

Jokes aside this mod is pretty good and it shows how much potential anime mods have for SRB2.


What can I type here?
Everyone just loves this mod, and I love it too!
I just hate to say that monitors destroyed by Kanade become invisible, even when respawning. Hope you can fix that! Peace <3
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Tried this character out and it plays good. The abilities are awesome and i love the sprites. Great job as usual Lat'!


This is a really good mod! one thing that would be cool if there was a potential config option for the aerial "hand sonic" (with the downward thrust) to allow for slight strafing instead of causing her to turn, when pressing the strafing keys.


i don't really watch any kind of anime, but nonetheless this is pretty well made! good job. (i mean i guess i watched pokemon but i feel like that barely counts)