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deez nuts
Ready for Round 2?

Alright, I've learned some things. A LOT of things. Skyboxes, Water, Custom Music, And more complex slopes. So I would like to present to you, Green Hilltop Zone!

its literally green hill but its an actual hill

I created this mostly for badnik bouncing, since I could rarely do it in the vanilla game.
You can practice badnik bouncing in here too, since its fairly challenging to do once you hit great heights.

I've also created paths that are made for Modern Sonic (I'm pretty hyped for the update), but they don't mess with the vanilla characters going through them.

Special Thanks for Kwiin on Discord for testing it out.

Music is Viridescent Hills by Jahn Davis.

I hope you Enjoy this!

Updated The Factory to look better all around,
Made the toxic purple waste drain rings over time as well.
Some other changes here and there...
So Enjoy!

(Cause you might *feel* whats going to happen next is going to be even more exciting.)


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Just Green Hill!

That being said, the gimmick you had with the "theming" of the level was cute, I just wish you had done anything with it. Right now it's just Green Hill with More Textures(tm). Maybe you can give it a feel of "corruption" by making the mechanical areas seep into the hilltop areas? Probably not what you're going for, but it'd be nice.


There isn't very much going on here. It pretty much just feels like a physics test level, which, I guess, it is. It's pretty hard on the eyes too, and I'm not sure what's going on with the invisible walls that let you see powerups.


Lua amateur
It's a bit hard to tell where you're going, but nice level otherwise!
Also, the music resets to Greenflower act 1 once something like shoes or invincibility music runs out.
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Cobaltn't 's Unwanted Twin, The Sapphire Blur!
My Favorite Sonic Zone in srb2 with a new fresh coat of paint

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