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If you've been here for longer than 7 years (probably not), you may remember the OLDC where Azure Temple and Act 2 of Frozen Hillside were submitted! Little known fact, I also partook in that OLDC with my first SP map, and got absolutely decimated, as expected.

This map is my attempt to remake it and have it be slightly less bad. Sadly, that also means the map is almost unrecognizable compared to the trashfire that was the original. At least it has a custom boss? And that boss totally doesn't secretly screw over Fang? Enjoy!

....also known as Ruins the Joke.


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This was a fun level, I loved this use of the goop types, and of course the great boss fight!
An anime boss fight.... of course lol
This was a fun level, and the gimmicks were introduced well and they don't overstay their welcome. Very good.


How the turns have tel- tab-
Y'know, according to my original account's creation date, I joined the MB proper just a few months too late to witness the original incarnation... which, whether it would be a blessing or a curse, is up to interpretation

I really like this map - there are a lot of bits where you can save a pretty decent chunk of time by saying "Screw the guard rails, I wear the socks in this relationship." Wait, was it pants? What kinda metaphor is that, anyways!? My experience with this map was pretty pleasant, which I'm fairly sure can be at least partially attributed to that banger playing in the background, but that's besides the point... here lies my loose musings in a fancy package.

I was formally punished by the Uniduses near the slime river at the start... multiple times, until I decided it would be for the best if I didn't walk right into the fluid before destroying them. Past that, I was decently safe... which can be partially blamed on going super halfway through the stage my first run.

The underwater bit had a pretty neat flow, with using the blue pads and following the platforms for safety... or attempting to skip a few, realizing a bit too late that your jump is a bit nerfed, and scrambling to achieve safety before sinking to the bottom like a rock dropped in a lake. Whoops! ... I'm, saying that from experience, actually. Rest of it was decently smooth sailing, save for where I got surprised by those bumblebores in the waterfall section. Actually --- the underwater "drafts" bit was pretty tough, but it was definitely fun. And then, finally, the level clear sign*.

I thought it would be funny to try and no hit Elementress. Then I saw she had a 2nd phase and might've gotten too lazy to keep trying at it, I admit.

Fun as hell attacks, by the way, and probably a decent way to make bosses for multiplayer lobbies that aren't sitting around and waiting for the host to boss kill lol. Slime was a bit offputting at first, but once you get used to it, it's pretty obvious that the only difference is that losing access to momentum control is guaranteed death. Do not jump.
All in all, a pretty good time, yeah. Gives me a few ideas I'll definitely forget to ever use later, too.

*I lied

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