How'd you get your profile picture?


ArchPack is out. Waiting for UDMF.
Mine comes from here:


When the Cobaltn't is sUs :threat:
Mine's from one of The Official Sonic Channel Charmy arts i got from The Sonic Wiki (Sonic News Network)


Unknown person
Obtuve mi foto de perfil buscando una foto de emerl ya que soy un gran fan de Sonic Battle
Bruh, este sitio es para habla inglesa, se te olvido traducirlo al inglés, recuérdalo la próxima vez. ¿Ok?
Bruh, this site is for English-talking, you forgot to translate to English, remember that the next time. Ok?


you best believe boi!
well mine its just a screenshoot from sonic gaidens title screen i like sooooooo much i turn it to my profile picture


"lua scripter"
Took a random picture of a place.
Applied filter.
Applied filter.
Applied filter.
Applied filter.
Applied filter.


Mediocre Lua scripter
There are three PFPs I usually use throughout the social media:

Message Board: Just Sonic on a yellow bg. Nothing special.
Discord: Lo and behold, Clone Fighter. Toei (on Spec Gang) drew that for me a month ago (or so I believe).
YouTube or any other Google service: Just Flame-colored Sonic. Nothing special.


That's cool and all but u should watch Evangelion
There's kind of a running gag in the Evangelion community about logos of different franchises saying "Neon Genesis Evangelion". Since Sonic and Evangelion are 2 of my favorite things of all my life, I searched for a Sonic logo saying Neon Genesis Evangelion and found a shirt on Amazon saying it. I zoomed in and now that's my profile picture

The Dommo

I exist.
When I used to be really active on scratch, I made this in ms paint (yes) as a drawing of my character. My old one was from a pic of tails choking that the official sonic the hedgehog twitter posted for national hot dog day.

Basic Bronze Sonic

Don't ping me on discord just to say "bababooi"
I just recolored an image of SRB2 Metal Sonic around back in mid July of 2020 because when I saw Super Metal Sonic I thought to myself that he should just be called bronze Metal Sonic but then I thought to myself that I want to make a Sonic OC out of it and me knowing that at the time I was not a good artist and that I did things quite basically compared to most others I added in Basic and removed the Metal from the name of the character bronze Metal Sonic and vwalla Basic Bronze Sonic and I have been thinking quite a bit about revamping the image to be more original so here's the original for when I change it

Basic Bronze Sonic.png

Oh yeah also I use an edit of the infamous Metal Sonic Plushie that was made by Cman (thank you) as my current Discord php.


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