How'd you get your profile picture?


i wont be online again until 8/6/22
i searched down syndrome sonic on google because he looks like how i feel on the internet. lol


Nation of Millions.
I cropped the album art of Public Enemy's 2nd studio album.
Edit: Wait, I already said this before on this thread.
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Hedgehog VTuber
Mine is just the model I use for streaming, lol. I just nabbed a frame from one of my videos.


drew it myself, i recently turned it into a gif just for the mb. i also had one where it was just a moose screaming at the camera, i lost it tho

Restless Dipstick

A guy that exists.
I draw mine, updating it every few months. Though, I have been considering making one with my sorta Sonic persona that I made for fun specifically for these forums.

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