How'd you get your profile picture?


A fan of this cool game since the PSP days.
There's username and signature threads, but what about your PFP?

Mine will be my character's CSS art.

What about you?

time gear

Eternity in an hour
I took the original artwork of Omega Zero's reveal from Zero 3, slapped his X DiVE artwork on a layer on top of it, and then added in another layer on top of that with the floating rocks from the Zero 3. This process also included a lot of resizing, cropping, etc. In the end, the original Zero 3 art in the bottom layer is barely visible, but it still looks alright and the fact the image is so small when viewed on forum helps cover up some of the other mistakes I made during the editing.


Unknown person
My PFP it's a fanart from pinterest, a user called Tadelamia, i found it as a wallpaper in a blog from Sonic Amino Spanish.

I like it because i like to put some symbolic references in my pfp, and the way that he/she does, it's amazing


honestly I just kinda found it and used it a bit with friends and once I made my account here I noticed I'd need a pfp so I just looked through my files, saw it, and just chose it


That ruby colored Fang
It makes sense with my username, it's the dispenser plushie from tf2 and it's the red version cuz, Reddispenser

Just Silus!

Either doing nothing or watching you sleep.
Drew my OC (Luxis) in a lot of different FNF artstyles.

One of them (my personal favorite) was NEO, the one i am using.
Animated it and here we are.
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I got my Tyson Hesse's twitter then I slapped it on the a resized blue monitor sprite from SRB2, cropped it and then I made a .mp4 of it and then I turned it into a gif

Nitro Turbo

A sonic fan guy !
First it was a funny sonic version in knuckles'mind from sonic mania adventures (many knew it) then I changed it from super sonic ending in sonic advance 1(or 2 or 3 id remember LOL)
And now Sonic's life icon from sonic advance 3

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