How did you get your Username...

Windcutter was just an old name I came up with while putting together words for a name, I also go by Xspeed in some circles since that's what some people remember me as the most by.
My brother was creating an user in Club Penguin on April 10th, 2010 which for some unknown reason he named as "Super Pinkio" and that's how a spanish person got his name without knowing "Pink" is a color and lol it's not related to pink color at all but it's a funny idea to play games with my pinky finger to complement the joke
Randomly typed letters into a "keyboard emulator" (Alphasmart 2000) and "Glaber" wound up being able to be picked out from the mess.
In what way did you end up with your username you have now. When i first goten into SRB2 I just made the name Cobalt until a match game where some one said there where to many blue players. (i think...) so i added the n't no my name and changed to red and i just forgot to remover it after and now were here:worry:
Oh nice i also got my username from r o b l o s aswell
I was in a Discord server once (The Crash Cove to be specific) and if I'm correct somebody's user was "ThePartyWasCrashed" It was so unique to me I literally stole it, seriously lol-
that was about 2 years ago btw
So my username is inspired by the word dude,
i mixed up the letters and got deud, so then i just added a z at the end
Came up with Sebas7710 by combining my first name and a random number I thought, and created Vannan195 by... I don't exactly remember. But I do remember that the first name I mentioned wasn't available for a PSN name, so I came up with the second name. Again, really don't know how.
I made it up in a second because a friend was tired of calling me my old username and i just went with Caster, in the end i ended up switching back to my old username again, except here because i forgot this account existed lol.
I used to have some bad anger issues, so I thought up "The Dommo" as a sort of monster name for myself, and it stuck.
Well... One day i was playing God Eater 3 on my brother's Switch, and i was thinking of a name for my avatar...
So i said: "You know that guy from FF? The one with the gun-sword?"
Then my brother told me: "I think his name is Lionhart or some shit."
And i used that name!
I liked it so much, that i used it as my gamertag!
But here i just use Lionhart. My actual gamertag is Lionhart228.
I just thought of the old author of the lonleyfox models. Oddball, so i just too one letter from is name

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