How did you get your Username...


(Not Cobalt)
In what way did you end up with your username you have now. When i first goten into SRB2 I just made the name Cobalt until a match game where some one said there where to many blue players. (i think...) so i added the n't no my name and changed to red and i just forgot to remover it after and now were here:worry:


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Ahem ahem, so in team fortress 2, the class "Engineer" can build a machine called "Dispenser" that gives your team health and ammo, and seeing how the red team is the most popular of the two, RedDispenser


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The Name "Spektra" comes from the word "spectrum". And I kinda like that word, because it has to do with colours. So I i removed the "um", replaced it with "a", and replaces the "c" with a "k". Simple


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Used to like Sonic.exe back when i read creepypastas.

I doubt i will change it on the MB cos its grown on me.

I technically go by LazyMK now.


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I've carried the number 7 through several usernames. It's the last digit of my birth year. I combined it with a word I thought sounded cool. It didn't mean much until I created Snap.


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That's it. That's my username.
Started out simple, an octopus wearing a suit, made it as a funny lil idea. The idea for the username then clicked, and here I am. I did go by Tweak a while ago on the MB before requesting a change, Tweak being a character I had at the time, he was a robotic raccoon dude.

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I came up with mine like, two years ago at around 2:something a.m. 'cause I couldn't sleep, and was tired of the old username I used for everything. So the Restless came from the fact that I don't sleep for long since I wake up extra early no matter what, and the Dipstick part kinda speaks for itself.


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I was once jumpscared so hard I shat my pants. Then some time later when I was choosing my username I remembered that one time and here we are.


The story.

Me and my friends were playing a game called Creative Destruction with school iPads in an afterschool program that my mom used to run, the iPads would always drain battery that we would have to charge them. So one day, we deleted then reinstalled the app and we had to make new accounts. I wanted to put the username Super Charged but the name was too long so I put in SCharged and it let me use it. The full username is super charged but its kinda cheesy so I go by SCharged now.

TL;DR: Original username was too long and cheesy.


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Used to be HyperHampster32 on Roblox.
Then I realized I spelled Hamster wrong.
Got a PS4, wanted to make a username that could quickly get across my two favorite things: Sonic and Memes. So, I came up with Hyper-Snoc and have been using that on all platforms since!


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well mine is my user name in the srb2 netgame sooo yeah also people keep saying that im a ripoff of neon the hedgehog by lucasRPDJ soo stop saying that in every netgame im in that’s why i don’t do much srb2 netgames


so basically, I used to always draw this stickman in my school notebooks. my friend gave it a name, it being called "Doodles". I liked it, and carried it on through my online usernames. but hey, be grateful its not "Fire Sonic Gaiming" or "[redacted cuz it has my actual name and Im uncomfortable with showing it cuz Im a little cry-baby] gaming".

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well, i said this already on other thread, but meh.

It's basically a name i used in GD (GeometryDash) it was before "Luxis07", because uh, my age lo
After that i used it in almost everything i was---
Then changed "07" to "Land" because why not.

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I've explained my username in other threads but I guess I'll explain it again.

Basic Bronze Sonic is the name of my Sonic OC and I made my Sonic OC a bronze recolor of Metal Sonic because in SRB2 version 2.2 Metal Sonic turns bronze when he goes super and I thought to myself that it looks lame but then I decided to make it a Sonic OC and I also knew that I was (and still am) terrible at art so I put Basic in the beggining with Bronze Sonic coming afterwards, initially this was only for the purpose of getting a different username that isn't "The Gaming Hock" (my past username) but I guess I've grown into liking my new username and I'll definitely keep it for years to come.


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I remember being in front of my computer when I was 11 and decided I had to have an internet username, so I just wrote the first thing that I thought. The name has no meaning at all, but I kinda like it. Ironically, it makes my username more personal.

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