How did you get your username?


I got through quite a lot of nicknames, but I'll probably stick with my current one forever.
Basically, blue is my favorite color, and it's a color I identify with. One day I was looking through a list of shades of blue, when I saw 'azure', which is described as "the color of the sky on a clear day". It's quite a cheerful and wholesome meaning, and it's kinda like the person that I aspire to be.

But I had to think of something more to go with it, to tell myself apart from other Azures (and also having an available nickname for games xd), and it actually took a while to think about it until I was kinda forced to come up with something for college, so I ended up going with 'pixels' since I'm a nerd for technology and I like drawing, painting, animations, games, ect. It seemed like a perfect fit.


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CST is my initials (counting the CS as one letter because Hungarian), and i slapped 1229 on that because we just use that number sometimes.


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My original username was popisonic, but at one point I decided to ditch it cuz it was hot garbage. I thought of the name "Jonster" and decided to stick with it. Sometimes, I try to use my it as my username but whatever it is that I'm trying to sign-up for (usually games) won't accept it, so I came up with a backup name for the specific situation: "Jonster The 1st".


Let's rewind to 2016. I was playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles until I had an idea for some kind of OC. I logged into my PC, booted up MS Paint, and started making various concepts for it.

Now, let's fast forward to some hours after that. Once I was done with the design, I had to think about a name. I decided to use mine plus a random word. ''Stray'' was the first thing that came through my mind, so that's what I chose. I got stuck with ''StrayKaze'', and I use it with every account since then.

To make a long story short, it's the name of an OC I made.
The NC in ClassicNC is a part of my name because nocliping was awesome to me, and the Classic in my is just because I like classic sonic.


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For various reasons, I got turned off of the name Whackjood, and opted to change my username to MellowJacket.

Jacket is a character of mine shown in my profile picture (and a general reflection of my love of bees I suppose!) and then after thinking of just changing my name to Jacket, toaster suggested adding "Mellow" to the front since M is the inverse of the W from my old name, and I'm apparently a pretty chill guy, or so I'm told. So MellowJacket it was.


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Back when Flipnote Hatena was still alive, and I was way into it, I needed a user name for it. Since the Game Boy was my first system, I chose the username VideoGameBoy, with the "Video" part symbolizing the flipnotes I made. Then some years later when I started getting to more social sites, starting with Youtube, I abbreviated the first two words, and sometimes added "Super" in front and/or "63” behind as a spoof of SNES/64 titles (And slight nostalgia for Super Mario 63).


I got my SRB2 MB name from back when I was obsessed with Spectrum's Server in 2019. I liked Spectrum's look, and back I was Hyperius. So I tried a new look, I loved it, then choosed the name "Whitus". I made a MB account with this name and the name is outdated. Would be nice if I would be renamed, but I think I'm fine with this name as it is.
And the "Cutedy" name? Well, I picked that name because most people I know had an OC, and they used their OC's name! So I joined the gang.


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Back in the day when minecraft was the hype, i had a pirated minecraft client since my parents wouldnt budge and let me have one, to make skins work on those clients you need to use someone's already existing name since the skins were tied to it.
So at the time i found a cool skin by someone named "So2ro" and i just yoinked that and basically stole the nickname from the guy lmao, pretty sure they aren't active anymore on that account tho


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I had 2 versions of my username and the older one was Hatty'sLines. I pretty much just used the name of my character (pfp) and then I was like "ooooooooo well I draw LINES and this name can be hatty'slines oooooo" and I pretty much rolled with it for some time.
Until I drew Hatty a body and it made me think of a bun and in spanish it's called bollo, I wasn't really sure if it was spelled bollo OR boyo but I ended up going for boyo not really knowing that it meant something completely different.


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I am a Arle Nadja fan, so I wanted to be THE Arle nadja guy.

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When did I get my username?

...Well, I just got bored at some point, and I decided to name myself "Ackeneister".

I could go by another name such as "SuperSonicSpeeds", or something like that.

I could change my name after this year is over, but...only time will tell.


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Based off my irl nickname, Easy.
I put "sqweasy" at the end because of the saying "easy peasy lemon squeezy",
except i removed "peasy" and "lemon" and replaced a few things in "squeezy"

not much to say.

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