How did you get your username?


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It's still on front page from 2014, but has a post from 4w ago... Whatever I am going to post how i got my username here

My initials (NAR) + my fav sonic character (Tails) is a fox.

My initials (NAR) + my fav color (changed to Turquoise but whatever) + I liked Angry Birds. As for my MC Skin, Mario + Teal Hat + Shirt and Red gloves
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B. Comet

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My nickname was once "B. Casais", which is just a shortened version of my real full name, then I changed it to "Comet" 4 years ago since most of the people had trouble to say my name online.
Why the Comet? I like Comets and I think it sounds good.

Mario A. Roach

I once thought to myself that a cockroach on a motorcycle would be cool.


I was right.

I thought it was also your last name; not surprising because it is my last name.

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I used make characters for games I made with friends and I got this idea to make a Sonic fan character game with them and it didn't go further than just an idea so I decided to take the name for me.
Reremy, Xeon Leeder, ForkNoodle, Riohach are some of my other nick names.


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I actually came up with this alias as a password, but I liked the sound of it so I started using it as a username. Somewhere out there there's an account or two with "pencilvoid" as the password. I chose the words "Pencil" and "Void" specifically because when I was prompted to come up with it there was a box of pencils on my desk, which is black and got me thinking about space and black holes and whatnot.
Oh, and by the way, you're supposed to read "Pencil" as my first name and "Void" as my surname.


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I made a picture of a fat rattata, a friend called it a "fattata." I just kinda thought to myself, "Yeah, that kinda works."


Oh it's the Plant guy.
well first it was just Fire (my character), then i became a fan on The Binding of Isaac, and the demon it had. Azazel

slapped it on the name. and added the "That" and presto

That Azazel Fire


I don't remember it but I know it was 2 years ago
and the name and character change ..


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It was something I wanted people to call me, both names AirFox and SnowFox were caused of fan characters I made back in 2010/2011, They both had actual names but instead its just nicknames they call each other I guess. I use both as usernames depending if its Winter or not (SnowFox for winter months while AirFox for everything else)
The name on the forums was just the actual name for SnowFox, which is my real name. I wish I could change my MB name, I don't really care either way.


my old posts are very dumb (formerly rayfan)
The one i have here on the forums, is simply Rayman with the "m" changed to an "f" because back in 2013-2014 i was playing through Rayman 1, 2 and 3.

As for TDRR... Long story short, basically this is it's origin:
Back in the 2.0.5 days, when i was a 9 year old i used to be into Sonic RP and all that and the character i played was Tails Doll, then i made my second (and last) YT channel when i was 10 or 11 years old called "TailsDoll RollinsR" (yeah why that name i have no idea), later shortened to TD RollinsR. From there on i just grabbed the first and last letter of RollinsR and TDRR is what was left. I haven't even thought about how should it be pronounced, though i imagine just spelling it is the best way to say it. By this point i don't want to consider TDRR as an acronym for TailsDoll RollinsR because that's a very dumb name IMO.

I also have another name that sounds like a japanese name even though it doesn't even exist, but at this point i have branded so many things as "made by TDRR" that i'm too lazy to go through all of that and change them. Also, the TDBots wouldn't sound quite as nice if i renamed them to the other japanese-y name.

adminz pls change my name to TDRR


It's my YouTube username.
The origins of that (YouTube username, "a thing") simply comes from not knowing what the hell else to make my name. Though, looking back, I'm really happy that I chose "a thing".


I thought it would be cool to name myself elvinkonohana thats all.

"elvin" comes from my brother figuring out what my alias would be when i'm going internet. Konohana though.... is just thought of anime during my age


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my username in its original form actually dates back to around 2005-2006 (as my AIM username). my dad always called me "e-boy blue," referencing my first name (e) and my eye color (blue), back then so either dad or i added that in (to be fair, i was about 4-5 years old at the time). eventually, it ended up as "eboyblue3." don't ask where that 3 came from, i have no idea.

fast forward to about 2017 or so. i was coming to the realization that i had been using a dated AIM screen name for upwards of 11 years, as well as the fact that "eboy" was not exactly a good thing to call myself, so i set to work trying to shorten it to make myself actually presentable elsewhere. after a few ideas (a lot of those usernames were pretty dumb imo) i eventually settled on eblu and let that sit from then on.

i was actually experimenting with my username much earlier than that though; there were a few instances where i changed the number at the end of my username to correlate with my age, and i shortened my username to "eboy" on at least one site because everyone was calling me that in the first place.


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I received this username a few years ago when I was trying to restore my google account but google gave me the suggestion aa479758. The double a being my initials, I can't remember why the numbers were given though, I just went with the name ever since.


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I came up with mine as a kid. I was somewhat familiar with the way Internet usernames worked at that point, and decided that when I eventually made an account, I needed a username of my own. A little bit of thinking later, and the name "DylanDude120" was conceived.

The "120" was entirely meaningless, although I later justified it due to it matching the number of Power Stars in Super Mario 64 (which is why I sometimes go by "DylanDude150," as that is the number of Power Stars in the DS remake). I later dropped that, and I don't regret it whatsoever.

Raze C

Mine is just my surname backwards (because I thought people would find it hard to pronounce "Cezar"), but with a space between the C because I wasn't the first to come up with this idea obviously. But it's just a variation in case the name Raze has been already used.

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