How did you get your username?


Some girl who makes stuff every few years.

Well, I actually came up with the name Plazzma when I was in 4th (?) Grade when we were learning about Blood, and cells, and... nhhh fun topic... But I liked how the word "plasma" sounded, and I had an unnamed sonic OC at the time, so I wrote the word down, but changed the s In the word, to two z's, and "Plazzma" was born. Here's a Pixel Art mock-up of what he looked like.
. Yep.
I randomly decided to use that one kid from the Jimmy Neutron movie, Zachary, as my profile picture, and decided to rename myself Cotton Candy. But of course, on most websites, people have already taken the Cotton Candy name, but I had this Smash Bros. Brawl mod project called Smash 2C (it was suppose to be like Smash 3C, but with characters in the style of Melee.) So I took the 2C part, and added to the end of my name.


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So I got mine back when SRB2 was still on 2.0. I was on a server and I was trying to make up a character while I was roleplaying on the serevr. One of the people on there had helped me come up with the name Axel. At first I wasn't too fond of the name but it eventually stuck since I couldn't come up with anything else.

Originally, I wanted my first Sonic OC to be a half-robot half-mobian character. But I shifted him to be a failed version of Metal Sonic and named him Metal Axel. But I still wasn't satisfied on his look. So I just turned him into a "generic" Sonic recolor. But I do try to be more creative with him.

Long story short, I got my username from a role-play a couple of years back and I've kept it since. There wasn't really a need to change him any further.

I kinda hope this coincidences this thread.

Llitechiel ꙮ

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It was the summer of 2017 and I was brainstorming some Fakémon concepts during my Pokémon high (though I don't think that has left me since). One of these was something initially called Llitelitter, a Legendary and/or Ultra Beast that was a faceless artificial satellite with a few pairs of large angelic wings and a giant talon and it was basically just space junk given life as an extraterrestrial pocket monster. It may not be hard to believe me when I say that I was inspired by the angels in Evangelion during this creation process, lol. Over time this kind of strayed away from being Pokémon to something of an original character... I've yet to draw them because they'd be awfully complex.

The "ꙮ" is an archaic Cyrillic glyph that's there because it's cool and further supports my love for supernatural and otherworldly stuff


wanted something quirky uwu

yeah I was just trying to think of something unique in like sixth grade. Now I use it for a few accounts.
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oh hi mark
I had many usernames long time ago depending of whatever site I was on; but one time I had made an new Youtube channel which at first I had named "TheRobloxianHedgehog" because I had started with uploading Roblox videos. But shortly after, uploaded some videos related to arcade games, and since they both were much more popular than the Roblox clips, and that I felt identified with arcade games as I loved them, I got the username I have now.

Now, how did I exactly think up the name, that's something lost to time inside my head.


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My good friend named herself "Qing" (King) so I decided to be the counterpart, "Kwiin" (Queen)
Her name lasted for a few days, but people started referring to me as Kwiin so it just sorta stuck.

I've had a few other usernames as well with some silly backstories.

-Racecarman101... My dad made this one for me at age 8 for a Minecraft account back in the year 2010.

-AyoBro!... This was my first attempt at coming up with my own original username, other than the one I had been using for the previous 3 years. I stringed a bunch of sounds together to make my email address (ayobrokyo) and then took the beginning of it.

-HCNAaron... Me and my good friend Adam wanted to start a youtube channel (because of course we fucking did) it was going to be podcasts and smash bros. We titled it the Heart Container Network, and changed our usernames. (HCNAaron and HCNAdam)...
We never even made a single video, however, this stuck for quite a few years until my current one.
My Username...

I made mine when I was kid at the time when everyone makes their personal email and stuff. and because it's my email i just stuck with. It was also from when i tried youtube. Which i plan to try agian when i figure out what i would want to upload.

Mystic Akito

What should I put here...
my FIRST username, SMSGARDIAN was made by younger me, since I loved SMS at the time. I still do, but not really.

My SECOND username, Aquatic Akito, was made also by me. I found the name somewhere, and I liked it.

I had another username, but I don't wanna talk about it.

Update: Since Super Mystic Sonic released a few months ago, I had changed my name to (The Super Mystic Guardian Akito), but since it was a bit too long, I've decided Mystic Akito is good. I'm still the Super Mystic Guardian doe (I'm sorry.)
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I made two R's at the beginning. It's made with red Roses from the garden, Joseph and I Are Twins. I also made a different 5 number symbol:80149.


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My nickname came from my first name and my last name. I just took the first syllable of each of them and added an extra character to each. I never realized I had "Jon" in my username until people started calling me that!
so when i started playing fortnite all my friends started calling me a noob
so then my bf said your username should be TheRoyalNoob


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Well, I created the Winins username back in April 2019. The name is a portmanteau of "Windows" and "Insider" (because I was a part of the Windows beta collecting community those days) and later I stuck with it. It took me long to find out it was actually a real name!


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"Pira" is a mere abbreviation of my surname, as simple as that. But i was planning to get the name "Mouseclick". Creative and simplistic. What do you think?

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