How did you get your username?


(ノಠ⺫ಠ)ノ ︵
So basically some of my friends started calling me Burrito instead of Bruno (my real life nickname), and I kinda stuck with it and added bean, big, or bigbean on it, then used the name for everything.. I was gonna make it BigBeanBurrito, but it was taken.

Fluffy Smiles

The Stupid Recolor
So my name happened because I couldn't even think of a username, and SRB2 2.2 Tails' nickname was "Smiles" so i went with "Future Smiles The Fox", that was just a yearly name and it stuck with me. Now this year, my username is "Fluffy Smiles The Fox". Its basically Smiles and Fluffy Tails mixed together.

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