How did you get your username?


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So basically some of my friends started calling me Burrito instead of Bruno (my real life nickname), and I kinda stuck with it and added bean, big, or bigbean on it, then used the name for everything.. I was gonna make it BigBeanBurrito, but it was taken.

Fluffy Smiles

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So my name happened because I couldn't even think of a username, and SRB2 2.2 Tails' nickname was "Smiles" so i went with "Future Smiles The Fox", that was just a yearly name and it stuck with me. Now this year, my username is "Fluffy Smiles The Fox". Its basically Smiles and Fluffy Tails mixed together.


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Sonikku banned my 'Tails' account from the SRB2 message board as a joke and couldn't figure out how to unban me. So I made a new account, prepending 'SSN' for my website at the time,
That's just funny actually. Unfortunate, but funny.


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The word nik comes from the badnik, the recurring enemies of sonic and the word sparck comes from my old username and is also the nickname of tails from a fangame idea I had when I was a child but I do not want to tell because I am ashamed, I will only say that it is the typical story written by a kid who does had no experience telling stories
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In 2015, I've created my OC named Cutedy. He was like a combination of Freddy Fazbear and Sonic. His look was originally an edit of Sonic from that one SM64 ROM hack by Flotonic. The name "Cutedy" came from Freddy, and then I replaced Fred with Cute. This was because I thought my OC looked cute. I went by different usernames and accounts on Scratch (where Cutedy appeared first). In 2019, I used to RP in Spectrum's server. I still went by Whitus. I've started to RP as my OC, and later I've felt like replacing my name. So, I've did that and that name has stuck on me.


So, my actual username was created in base of my 1st nickname that was BlackDragon, I think it was too large, and I changed it, to Draco, becouse it isn't too much different and sounds better.

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