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[Reusable] Hammer Jump for Amy Rose

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Not really good at things like this, so I'm gonna keep it simple. I gave Amy a hammer jump using lua.

It can be activated by pressing Spin while running.
If you are underwater, you can press Spin while walking.
(I also removed the ability to press Spin in mid-air to do the aerial attack.)

Update: The hammer jump speed has been lowered to 15 speed. There's now a "Strong Hammer Jump" that activates at full speed.
Update: You can now use the Twinspin ability after performing the Hammer Jump.

Outside of those conditions, you will use the grounded hammer attack as normal.

v1.1: State fixes, for Minecarts and Tornados
v1.1.1: More state fixes
v1.2: Added "Strong Hammer Jump"
v1.3: Allows Twinspin after Hammer Jump, failsafe for losing speed
v1.3.1: Fixed jumping on enemies


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Really, thanks for making a mod like this! I was quite peeved when Amy didn't have his hammer jump from 2.1.


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Yeah this really should be in the base game :V it's so fun!!!

Maybe a bit unrefined tho, heh
The minimum speed requirement is quite low, and the hammer jump does go a bit high. In a game where you go 90mph when in the air, is quite op, not that that's a problem. Anyway, it'd be better if it's mapped to a custom button. I'd have it only work when at full running speed as well but... that's just me. Just think of Sonic Adventure Amy. The Hammer Jump should go high. Maybe the strong hammer jump should just be the only hammer jump that exists. (There could also be a console command to map it to whatever you want.)
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i really wonder why most of amy adventure moves got replaced by the pity shield not that is bad but...feels a bit weird

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