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Stupid question but, it is possible to divide this file in two parts? I don't think the in-game downloader will allow a file over 51 MB. I'm saying this because the moment 2.0 past releases, a lot of people are going to host a netgame with this mod.
  • PWAD downloading can be disabled in server settings or by using maxsend 0.
  • The file is 115 MB, which requires splitting the file into two 50 MB files and one 15 MB file, and that's not something I believe Glaber is willing to do.
  • The mod section on the forums literally exists for this reason.
  • If server hosters are indeed going to host using the mod, it can be assumed it'd be adopted well within the community, and thus less people would need to download it via the game. Downloading files through the server instead of the forums can actually cause lag on the server's end.

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