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Glaber's Junkyard, Featuring SRB2 the Past 2.0 and other projects.

Now that SRB2 the Past is out of the way, I want to show something else I'm working on.
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This is the Tikal Emerald hint orb system. Based on what was there in Sonic adventure, Tikal will point you in the direction of the closest emerald shard. It's up to you to find your way to the shard though.

This is the hint system that's going to appear in the update to Chaos Coave, once I have new replacement sprites. This hint system will also be made aviable to all who wish to use it too.
This is pretty neat!


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Chaos Cove V2 is getting close to release now.

so why not show off a few of the new additions?


We got a new quarter ramp, some new locations, new shorelines, and "The Door" opens now.


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Ok so with the hint orb out of the way and chaos cove in play, here's what's next.

Badnik pack v5 update and finally getting back to work on project robotower with the new Emerald lake act 2. Screens to come at a later hour tonight.
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Ok, took longer to remember to do this than I'd like, but here's the screens I said I'd post.

Badnik Pack DX V5 is up first.
things are more organized this time around

Not just in the map, but in the file too

Version 5 is still reorginising everything so it's going to be a while before this update is ready.

Now for project robotower.

This mod had to be put on hold to get SRB2 the Past updated.

but this is where I left off with Emerald lake act 2


This last shot is from where I left off.
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Dug up an old design document from back when Project Robotower was still being called Sonic Extreme.

Sonic Extreme:
progress:3 zones almost finished 4 emerald stages done.
Zones:Emerald Hill (EHZ); training grounds and the Underground,
Emerald Lake Zone; The Beginning and Splash Down,
Tube Town Zone (TTZ),
Grate Gate Zone (GGZ),
Quartz Cavern Zone (QCZ),
Toxic Mines Zone (TMZ),
Desert Gadget Zone (DGZ),
Flood Forest (FFZ),
Machine Mayhem Zone (MMZ ),
Egg Ziggurat/ Ziggurat Robotnik (EZZ, ZRZ, final)
Playable: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles

Alt Levels
Icicle Warehouse (IWZ) SRB2 version
Mystic Manor (MMZ) SRB2

Act names:
Emerald Lake act 1: The Begining,
act 2: Splash Down
Tube town act 1: Robo Factory,
act 2: Wind Tunnels
Grate Gate act 1: Ancient Chaos,
act 2: Emerald Ruin
Quartz Caverns act 1: Witch way Cave,
act 2: Nearly Endless Mine
Toxic Minez act 1: Oil Breach
act 2: Chemical race
Desert Gadget act 1: Mirage Valley
act 2: Desert Run
Flood Forest act 1: Rising water
act 2: Thunder Strike
Machine Mayhem act 1: The Sewers,
act 2: Magma Plant
act 3: Electro Field

Emerald Hill act 1: Training Grounds, act 2: The Underground

TGF Bosses:
Emerald Hill: Egg Drill *2*
Emerald Lake: Egg Shield *5*
Tube Town: Egg Copter *4*
Great Gate: (falling) Driller Egg *4*
Quartz Caverns: (moving) Crystal Shooter *1* test
Toxic Minez: Robot Flood *1* test
Machine Desert: Egg Pharaoh *1* test
Flood Forest: Egg Sub *1* test
Machine Mayhem: Final Boss *7* test
Egg Ziggurat : The stage itself *8* test

Plans since this document have changed a little, but over all they're still being adhered to. Evidence to this can actually be seen in Dimension Glaber with Emerald Lake act 1, Emerald Cove which was the old Emerald Lake act 2, Icicle Warehouse act 1, a Quartz Caverns Circuit map, and a Flood Forest CTF map.

Minvs the Prototype was also a prototye for the boss "Driller Egg" (may get renamed to "Egg Driller"). Bosses with test next to them were ones I had yet to even program in the old TGF version of the project, and were only ideas at the time.

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