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Glaber's Junkyard, Featuring SRB2 the Past 2.0 and other projects.


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Project Robotower
This is a project that went under a few different names. Sonic EX Stream, Sonic Extreme K1, Sonic Extreme K2, and previously just plain Sonic Extreme.
In its current form, it started off with Emerald Lake act 1 back in the OLDC and today is in need of work to be fixed for 2.2.

Other Zones to be included are:
Tube Town
either Great Gate or Magmor
Toxic Mines
Icicle Factory
Desert Gadget (may rename or re-envision)
Hunted Manor
Machine Mayhem
Egg ??????? (Sonic Only)
Will this project continue after SRB2TP 2.0?


Emblem Radar Ready
Oh yea. Project Robotower is one I've been wanting to complete ever since it was Sonic EX stream and being developed in The Games Factory.

In fact, the completed parts exist in Dimension Glaber right now.

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