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[Open Assets] Gestures (Taunts for vanilla characters)

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Introducing, taunts! This has been in other character wads, but it makes it so that it's for
vanilla characters.


The current emotes are being dead, gasping, and drowning (that sounds kinda harsh..) A reminder, this is reusable, meaning you can use this Lua for whatever you want!

So uh, yeah! This is for any character that you add to the game


Have fun with this mod!


(Update V2 = Drown)
Have you ever wanted to drown? No? Then why did you come here.


In the base of the mod, there is a version with character-specific taunts, if you ever want to use taunts!

Anyways, have fun!


  • L_Taunts-v2.pk3
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This is done in an interesting way and even with perspectives for the future, but I would not call it "taunt", because I am not mocking anyone, lol. I'm just showing some gestures.
although even having this tool, it is quite fun. I would like to hope that this addon will have a sequel.
I remember I had an idea to make taunts from TF2 but, I couldn't. draw too much

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