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Ace Dragon

I'm a sucker for anything that resembles something draconic more or less (even though the name mentions him as a lizard). So far, he is the only custom character I played with for this game and I love the way he looks and what he can do.

The Super form (as I tested with the Station map) is quite something, as the only thing then separating him from being a full blown dragon is a pair of wings. The only quirk (which is not a deal breaker in any way) is that because of his size, he does not survive when an FoF lands on his toes, though I guess he wouldn't be able to traverse a lot of levels at all if the hitbox also grew.


A bit of a visual issue for the super form is the fact that Flare still uses his untransformed animation for Flame Shot while running at full speed.
This is true for both versions.


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Thanks for the feedback. 1.9 brings some minor fixes, mainly visual.

  • Fixed a bug where Flare's super form would default to base form's RunShot sprites
  • Cleaned up unnecessary sprites in main file
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the main file's CSS


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I found some bugs while testing the last version:
-Is it normal to be able to outrun the fireballs?
- " " to shoot fireballs from my ribs and tail? (Flare doesn't turn to the shooting direction)
-Something in his Tail Swipe-related code makes ACZ1 tilting platforms very Flare-hating (he can't jump at most times)


I encountered a couple unexpected effects today that I have confirmed to have originated from the VCL_FlareTheLizard-v1.9.wad.

First, the code in LUA_SPIN will put any CA_TWINSPIN character into a twinspin upon use of the jump button while in a jump state. This causes a conflict with twinspin characters with a custom ability mapped to the jump button.
The conflict can be avoided by placing the AbilitySpecial code inside an if statement checking whether player.mo.skin == "flarethelizard" to ensure that the user is playing Flare, rather than, or in addition to, checking whether or not the player is using a character with twinspin capabilities.

Secondly, Flare has code in LUA_SPIN that results in all nojumpdamage and nostompdamage characters being allowed to use their jump abilities in a fall state provided that they were not launched into the air by a spring. This may not be a bad thing (several lua addons do this intentionally in an attempt to buff Amy and Fang), but it would probably be courteous to inform users of this side-effect.
If you seek to remove the side effect, you can place the PlayerThink code inside an if statement checking the player.mo.skin.

Edit: Modified wording for readability and precision.
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Thanks for the heads up! I've been aware of these bugs for a while, and the upcoming update has (hopefully) fixed all of these. In the meantime, I'll update the main post.


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There should be some kind of limit on the Flamethrower ability in the classic version of the mod, it's very easy to lag out the game just by holding the button down for a few seconds, and that's in single-player, I could easily see this crashing a multiplayer server if there was more than one person playing as him. Maybe some kind of cap on how many projectiles spawn from it before the existing ones on the ground are forcefully deleted would work?

Aside from that, I just completed a full run with this character, gotta say, really enjoyed the playstyle Flare offers, you can do all kinds of neat things with the projectiles by going into first-person mode to finely tune the aim, my only complaint is that the simplified version of the mod feels a bit lackluster, he loses a LOT of options without being able to (manually) roll, or Spin Dash. I did my playthrough with the classic version for the full moveset. Your character has earned the honor of being the first non-Sonic variant character mod I've done a full playthrough with.

Also, the "other" form is just amazing, that's all I'm going to say for those who haven't seen it yet. But I did find a bug with it, the catapults in Forest Fortress and Castle Eggman only launch you half the distance they are supposed to while the form is active, making it impossible to proceed in some parts unless you wait for the form to run out.
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