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Eef freef!
"What were they thinking?!"
In all seriousness, I just don't get this. I don't get the point of it, I don't get why this is a thing, I...let's just cut it off there.
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Yu yu hakusho is clearly, a traditional. It changed into created with the aid of Yoshihiro Togashi. The 90’s aesthetics triggers a surge of nostalgia, making you want to watch it again and again once more. Every episode has a great blend of comedy and motion. It's miles superb how a show may be so funny yet extreme.
With the story arching over Yusuke's increase as a fighter, it functions the storylines of other characters that fill in subtly. Characterization is the display’s robust fit. All of the characters that featured were thoroughly enjoyable, in which, a few have been compelling enough to hold the tale speedy-paced.


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