[MP Level] Emerald Lake (KART Track)


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My first release for SRB2 Kart Emerald Lake is based on the Project RoboTower stage of the Same name.

This stage is basic, but as my first kart track, I believe Basic is good. The track features a tunnel, a water segment, and a segment of the SP stage as scenery.

The whole track can even be completed in under 3 min.


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It's been a while since it was released, but I know for a fact that people tried this track. What I can personally say is that it's a good first map. However, there are some observations:

- One of the biggest things that keep the map from being excellent is the fact that it uses vanilla music. Very very few maps ever use vanilla music and usually try their own. Since your map has a nice defined skybox and setting, why not use music of your own instead of Egg Zeppelin's track? I think that would make it much more unique.

-The whole course consists of very wide turns and very long straights (save the underwater section which makes things trickier). This means Grow absolutely dominates the track - but Invincibility and sneakers are almost useless since there's an abundance of sneaker panels already, and no shortcuts at all. This can basically cause a bit of gameplay imbalance.

-The track is quite long for a 3-lapper. As soon as you are hit by something, you're over the 3-minute mark. I'd recommend turning it into a 2-lapper.

-In the visual department I think you could add more varied trees, rock formations and the like. You got the "lake" part nailed down by mixing cave / outer section / underwater section, but since the track is so long and the turns are so wide, you could spice things even more with geometry. The underwater section does this for the left half with some ruins. More variety like that all over the map would be immensely cool.

-Sky1 sucks. Sky88 gang forever ;)

-The map is otherwise really easy to read and cozy to drive!

You can definitely beef this map way more and bring it back into the mainstream servers! If you decide to come back to it, I hope to see the results ^~^