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[MP Level] Emerald Coast (kr_emeraldcoast_v4.wad)


Professional map cloner
Joining Twinkle Park and Hot Shelter, from Sonic Adventure, Emerald Coast! A natural track that uses the environment around it as its boundaries, you (probably) aren't going to find another track quite like it.


  • An easy but fun 4-lapper for when you just want to chill.
  • A coastal landscape, look at it all you want!
  • A windy and ripply tune to listen to while you race.
  • A really big jump.
  • this map is actually really old help

For all of you who want/need this, now you can get out onto the Emerald Coast and chill.


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Your map is welcome to releases, but here's a bit of critique. If ou're going to do a "jump" like that, you need some way to show the boundries, or people are going to be frustrated over bouncing walls. And if you're not going to have a minimap ye, you need to at least have proper ways to show the player where to go, like with signs. I also didnt even know about the slope shortcut the first go around, and was even more confused as to why this rock texture was offroad when sand was not.

Still, your map has no technical errors, so into releases it may go for some more feedback!
Updated mod to V2.

Added signs to tell you where to go (and they kinda tell you the boundaries of the jump at the end..?)

if only there were no-bounce walls

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