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[Script] Elimination!


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spectator simulator
proof of concept die simulator


Elimination is a fast paced gamemode soldered on top of race.
Every 35 seconds, the player in last place is removed from the track!
Buckle up and race against the clock on this test of endurance!


thanks forum

Does a YouTube video count as a screenshot?



The following CVars are available to the host:

Toggles this gamemode. It is applied on the next round.

elim_time <seconds>
Sets how much time must pass before each last place player gets eliminated.
The default is 35.

elim_starttime <seconds>
Sets the amount of time after a race has begun before Elimination begins counting down.
The default is 15.


Elimination sets base laps to 50 and sets the current map's laps to 50 to set the illusion of infinite laps.
(Also because setting base laps to 50 helps with the replay hut not dying)
Elimination also makes players unable to join during the elimination phase (allowteamchange off), and sets it back once it is done.

Non-looping maps are not supported at the moment - The script will automatically end the round as soon as it starts.

Should multiple players be in last place for whatever reason, overtime begins.
If one of the overtime players manages to break the tie, the player in last place is eliminated, as usual.
If ten seconds pass and the players are still tied, all players in last place are eliminated.

If a player spectates, extra time is added to the elimination timer. No cheating!

Known bugs/problems:
Splitscreen is partially supported (HUD items just overlap everything).

No other problems reported at the moment.
Find a less hacky way to eliminate opponents.
Make this post significantly less ugly
- Made the font initialize only once on mod load ("significantly" improves framerate) (thanks Lat')
- Now using a font I can color
- Looks nicer overall
- Red screen patch flashes less strongly
- There's also a set of objects that circle around you
- I forgot the rest because as this was supposed to be released weeks ago, I didn't even write down what things did I change!

Beta 1:
Initial "release"
If you find a problem, let me know!


about time lmao

Have fun!



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My only real critique would be to find a better place to put the words in Spitscreen, which is where I tested it. Somewhere on the middle line would be best. I suppose elimination text could be removed in splitscreen too? I'm not sure.


Otherwise, welcome to releases!


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scripting bee
I'm going to remove all traces of elimination text in splitscreen (except for a timer) by the next major version.


scripting bee
Elimination is now out of Beta! finally
And I still haven't made any progress on splitscreen

The changelog is up there in the post, and I've added a trailer of sorts to accompany it.
Have fun!


This makes it that even if elimination if off the lap count is 50. lapnum set to 3 or 5 or not. each map you go into it will have to change because it goes right back to 50. id say make a ver for others that once off. it sets the base number if laps for the game.


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I'm just curious, but are you planning to update this some, or would you mind if I was to update it with the addition of lap-based elimination?


scripting bee
I plan to update it sometime. Unfortunately, I don't quite have the creative drive I used to have before. I'm kind of burned out.

I do mind, yes.

This version of Elimination was intended to be timed exclusively, but if the idea is popular enough I could look into adding lap elimination for the next version, be it when I come around to do it or I hook somebody to update it.


Interesting bug; I have a server.cfg that I tried to use to set elimination to 'off' after loading all the mods I'm running, with the intention of turning this on only when needed, and it still sets basenumlaps and numlaps to 50 anyway. And doesn't reset it to Map Default and 3 (respectively) if I toggle it on and off, like I thought it would...

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