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[SP Level] EggRock Highway [v.1.2]


Hi, it's your boy eggs bringing you EggRock HighWay! a track for Srb2 kart!
Based on Eggrock zone of course.
I would like to thank latius for helping with the minimap.

MUSIC : Egg gauntlet from the wad with the same name.



i hope you enjoy this track :)


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Welcome to releases! Though, uh, it does have some issues. I'l let others get more in depth, but I can at least tell you that I fell into that pit to the right, and...


...Yeah. Also, I dunno how well that gravflip is gonna play with some items. Just a heads-up there.


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Okay. While I like the track from what I've seen, I have an issue to flag up. A conflict flag, so to speak. Because this map's map number conflicts with the in-use map numbers for the Aura Remastered Pack. I would suggest checking out the somewhat official map number tracker to find a map number which it doesn't conflict with.

As for the minimap issues, I've attached my attempt to make a minimap for it. Which also raises other issues I wish to flag up: the fact that the finish line isn't visible as such, and the fact that the final corner is missing a checkpoint.

Other than these, I liked how you used the reverse gravity section.


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despite grabbing 9 slots myself in section G, is it required to register a map slot for Kart?

I mean unless someone is going to do a tournament or somethign with all the user maps, I don't see how necessary it is. It is convenient though.

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