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Anyone wondering where this guy's from, he's the main character from the game I'm currently working on (link in my signature).

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His stats are Speed 1, Weight 9. He's a heavy boy. Must be the armor.

Also thanks to the community on Discord for being super helpful, some technical aspects like how palettes work are a bit fuzzy to look up on one's own.

Speaking of which, I went through the trouble of converting the game's palette to a .act file so I could use it with my pixel art software, so anyone that might need that, I'm uploading that too. Because I dont want anyone else going through that crap. :P

And that'll be it, hope you dig this guy!


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Every aspect of the character design, both the drawing and the sprite-art, is so incredibly bold and imposing, fully capturing the nature of the character; the thing that hit me the most was the goalpost, that's truly beautiful.

Best of luck making your video-game, I'm looking forward to its release.
So, I love the spritework on this character. That drift animation is the raddest shit, yo.

Here's the thing, I'm willing to play him despite his rather clunky statblock (better hope Hastemod is enabled for him) just because Cool Character, but those sound effects remind me of when I have a cold and have to hock up a loogie. I get you're going for a guttural, animalistic sound with him, but while it kinda works for a brawler style game, hearing those few clips on repeat in a kart racer just grates on my nerves too quickly. And hey, I'm an outlier, I'm one of the people that will drop a track down a few tiers just because it has a bad song, so don't take my word as gospel if you've got A Vision. Still, might be worth looking at, since he's sadly not found on many servers despite the love and care put into all of his other aspects.

(Also, maybe a few points into speed an one or two points higher on handling might make him more 'mainstream', I'm sure he can turn better than the average heavyweight with those meaty claws of his gouging the track, eh?)

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