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Welcome to Diggle Hell
Updated 1.1 - fixed checkpoint issues, made some jumps more low-speed friendly.


Welcome to Diggle Hell
Updated 1.2 - some layout changes, made the track more hard speed friendly. Turned an offroad "shortcut" into a regular, alternate route (it really wasn't all that faster.)


Cool to see you delving into track design as well! This first attempt is really impressive. I never knew how much I wanted to have a Shovel Knight map in Kart. Though more importantly it's simply a lot of fun to race on. Keep up the good work!


Welcome to Diggle Hell
Thanks for the kind words, Sunny! Hope you like this new one as well.

Updated 2.0 - Added the Lich Yard. New spooky track. Watch out for skeletons.


Welcome to Diggle Hell
Updated 2.1 - Mostly some layout changes and fixing signage issues. After multiple complaints, King Knight has ordered the propeller rats to no longer follow players.


I always loved maps that were clearly based on another game or something, but weren't just a port or remake of a pre-existing track from a racing game. Really like how you translated the Shovel Knight levels into a 3D setting, and the tracks themselves have a lot of fun shortcuts and sprite work. Good pack IMO.


Welcome to Diggle Hell
Updated 4.0 - Another new track! Plains of Passage, the first stage from Shovel Knight, has been added as a new race track.


Welcome to Diggle Hell
Updated 4.1 - Map slots have been changed from PU, PV, PW and PZ to DA, DB, DC and DZ to avoid a map conflict with another pack.
General thoughts:

Theming on all of your tracks is excellent and faithful to their sources.

Pridemoor keep is a super fun level with some great alt paths and a fun focus on jumps. My main complaint would be the pillar ascent near the end; the springs should really be speedcapped or have something at the top to force the players down because any speed-boosting mod will send you flying path the second set of springs into a long pit fall. Alternatively, have the second pillar be an uphill slant to catch people going higher than usual.

Lich Yard is pretty fun with its alt paths again. My main complaint would be the ending portion having some really tight, blind corners around the bridge supports and making the jump onto the bridge itself is something of a leap of faith. Having a tell above it to aim for would be nice.

Plains of Passage is a mostly smooth track with nice, rolling hills. That said, it does feel a little empty right now in terms of visual flair compared to the aforementioned courses, although the theming is still excellent. I would consider adding a quarter pipe to the far side of the sloped descent into the cave since the turn into it tends to shoot you far to the outside and, if you're unlucky, the pit. I'll admit I was a little disappointed that using the bubbles to jump to the sleeping dragon didn't reveal a hidden alt path on the platform; perhaps an addition for later?

Burning Bone Zone has the best map selection screen picture. Oh, and it's a pretty cool Grumble Volcano-esque track to boot.

How did I know it was going to be Mushroom Peaks? It was bad enough in MK Wii, and now you don't even have air control on half the bounces XP
I would seriously consider adding red springs before every set of mushrooms because sometimes, progress must trump accuracy. Imagine, if you will, a Mushroom Peaks that's fun to play on. It would probably need a downforce on every mushroom to avoid players going too fast with mods, though...

Of course, it's a hell map, so one can only expect jank since half the point is to be faithful to its infamous original.

Just how much was it to commission the track, by the by?


Hipster Youmu

This is of an older version of Lich Yard but I have to say I've liked all of these in the pack so far. With the exception of that Hell but I'll get to that. Everything looks very much of the aesthetic to Shovel Knight for sure. Lich Yard is easily one of my favorites, though, due to its layout.

I'd have to say of the courses in that cup so far I'm not so much of a fan of Pridemoor Keep if only that it feels just a little bit too big and I'm not so keen on the way the exit's done just before the finish line - I've had it be a little glitchy if you decide you want to turn right after you get shot out towards the finish line. Feels like it should be more centered towards that line instead of being on the far end right near the edge as it is but consider that a nitpick.

The non-SN map is one I'm kind of torn on. On the one hand, I think it's a technical marvel, on the other I'm not so keen with all that it does to you in terms of the course layout because of its ever-changing layout. I think it fills a certain niche well but outside of that I'm not so sure I'm happy with some of the design choices. Not graphically more than the course layout itself. I think this would almost be a candidate for a Hell map if this wasn't honestly fair but I may take some time to think on that. It's a good map, otherwise.

The hell map...well...


Let's just say, not...really a fan. But I have taken the time to play through it, get it beat, get a couple things figured out and I will be adding it to the private server just to get a feel on the shrieks and complaints when we do get around to playing it. Should be great.

Overall, I've been pretty happy with what I've seen so far and I'm looking forward to more of these.


Welcome to Diggle Hell
Updated 4.3 - Layout changes to Pridemoor Keep and Lich Yard, and some cleanup work in Plains of Passage.


One of many shapes
Ah yes, Mushroom Peaks. Just the way I remember it. Getting flashbacks of the pre-CTGP era of Mario Kart Wii custom tracks.


Welcome to Diggle Hell
Archdiggle updated Dig Pack v5 with a new update entry:

Dig Pack v5

Dig Pack, version 5
-New map! Wandering Falls is a pleasant mountain drive that changes season every time it's loaded up.
-Battle maps! Dig Pack now includes two battle maps: Temple Tussle Zone and Nuclear Sewers.
-New hell map?! Don't fall off the edge on this one!
-Some minor quality of life changes to Lich Yard and Plains of Passage.

Read the rest of this update entry...

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