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[Reusable] Custom Monitors - Now with Gold variants!

This thread contains content that may be reused, modified, or ported by anyone.


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Don't worry about the error if adding Custom Monitors before adding Roll the Dice Deluxe, as nothing will change in the mods themselves. The only thing that is different is the lack of a new roll...

2.2 Port of my Custom Monitors wad. If you're looking for the release for 2.1's Custom Monitors, click here.

The original monitors are untouched. Instead, New ones have been added. Note that this isn't related to MonitorsPlus in any way, and usually isn't updated often

Use spawncustommonitor without any arguments for more information on how to spawn these custom monitors

The red S is the semi-super monitor. It gives you invincibility and super sneakers for 1 minute for the majority of the players who snag this. (The custom invincibility music plays twice as fast, too! Yet this is a different music entry rather than being part of O_INVINC)

The Yellow S is the hyper monitor. It works the same was as the Sonic 3 & Knuckles super monitor for the majority of the players who break this.

The Blue 5 on the monitor is the Furious 5 Monitor. Yes, 5 rings will circle around you in the style of Mario kart/Super SRB2 Kart Z. To fire them, press custom button 3 when the ring you want to fire is directly in front of you. The good part, it doesn't consume your ring count. Have fun with this newest addition [Automatic, Scatter and rail rings will be added in due course, to which this monitor will be updated to hold them around the circle]

A Ring with a ? is self explanatory of what it is. that's right, it's the Random Ring monitor. Upon its destruction, it'll give you a random amount of rings from 5 to 25. (We don't need a GIF of it, since it's a very simple monitor and only affects your ring count)

NEW TO V4: My Red Star and Mega Mushroom mods appear here in monitor form! They function as normal, yet for the Mega Mushroom there's a 1 in 10 chance the music will be different. DO NOT ADD THIS ALONGSIDE THE RED STAR OR MEGA MUSHROOM MODS, AS THIS WILL CAUSE BUGS!

This also changes A_Invincibility to loop the music. (Yes, there's custom music, too!)

Credits to motdspork for letting me use his hyper.lua in my wad, and to Nintega21 for making the monitor sprites for red star and mega mushroom.

Known bugs (But not fixing):
The music for red star, semisuper monitor and mega mushroom might start to play against each other (mega mushroom runs out but you also have red star active: the music resets to the map/invinc/sneakers/super music, semisuper monitor could sometimes play the normal speed version and cut out at the loop point... which cannot be fixed, extra life causing the same problems, etc)

Here are GIFs of at least half of them in action. The other half you'll need to take a look for yourself...


Small Changes between 2.1 and 2.2 Include:
Red Star flight activation has changed from Holding Custom 2 while Double Jumping to pressing custom 2 anytime. (custom 1 and 3 are still the same)

Red Star's flight now puts the player in a roll when not going up or down

For those that STILL don't know already, Red Star for characters like Tails get infinite flight instead.

The music for the semisuper invincibility now uses the normal speed invincibility from Sonic 3D Blast, rather than it using the sped up version. However, it's still in the files of custom monitors, and as such can be referred to.
- Speaking of, O_INVINC was used in 2.1, but not in 2.2 (O__INV). As such, semisuper calls to O_INVINC instead, since that's now a free slot
- For version 2.2(.0), hyper monitor's hyper transformation does trigger as intended, but reverts since match emeralds don't award super forms in co-op. However, all 7 co-op emeralds are all it takes to work around this. I'll update this when anything changes.

As of version 3, gold monitor variants have been added! Take a look:

As of version 4, Hyper Forms now more closely reflects Hyper Abilities V4 (Credits to those in the Co-Authors section) and the Hyper Sparks from Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Made by Me). Hyper Forms also use a new theme! (From RTD: Kart V1.0.0)

That's all to say about this port. Have fun with it! They say if you add this mod after adding Roll the Dice Deluxe, a new roll can be seen...


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Alright, I'm happy for you to leave the notice that the hyper monitor isn't working as intended up for now given that there's an in game workaround by having all 7 emeralds already.

Into releases you go.
- For version 2.2(.0), hyper monitor's hyper transformation does trigger as intended, but reverts since match emeralds don't award super forms in co-op. However, all 7 co-op emeralds are all it takes to work around this. I'll update this when anything changes.
After taking a look at the code for the Hyper Monitor and noting that it's based off the old Hyper Sonic and Hyper Knuckles script, I notice it still appears to be using the old, original code. My Hyper Abilities script is a polished-up and updated version of MotdSpork's work, and 4.1.2 even comes with additional abilities the old version didn't even have.

Providing you contact MotdSpork, HitCoder, and Radicalicious regarding permissions (which I'm sure they'll have no problem in allowing you to use their code) you could try to implement the new, polished up Hyper Abilities code over the old one. You already have my permission, and you don't even need to credit me (though I'd still appreciate it).

That all being said, however, I sadly am incapable of providing a proper fix for the intended behavior of being a temporary Hyper form that doesn't automatically award everyone all the Chaos Emeralds, at least at the moment.


Oh, THAT Youtuber...
I made a small update to support monitorstorage.lua better.

Other change is:
- Monitor functions no longer run twice (oops)

Also, regarding the Hyper Monitor, I'm keeping it with the old code since this is just a port, not a rehash. I'm already aware that hyperabilities.lua exists, yet I don't have intentions of implementing it into the Hyper Monitor (at least, not just yet). If I do, however, I will probably go to them as contacts.


Oh, THAT Youtuber...
v3 is out:

- Added Gold Monitor variants! You can see them in the main post.
- To spawn them, a new argument has been added to spawncustommonitor. Setting the second argument to 1 (e.g. Spawncustommonitor redstar 1) will spawn the gold variant of that monitor. For those who don't know what Gold Monitors do, they are functionally the same as monitors, yet they don't explode. Their contents respawn after a few seconds.

- Red Star: 2.1 Sonic (ssnsonic, non HD) has his flight sprite back! Now ssnsonic can fly in style once more! (other characters still roll when in neutral flight)


Oh, THAT Youtuber...
v4 is out:

- Hyper forms now reflect Hyper Abilities more, with new spark behaviour I dreamed up which copies Sonic 3 & Knuckles. also, new hyper form theme from srb2kart's RTD V1.0.0

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