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Ring Fuel: As you collect more rings, your speed and jumping power will increase to overpowered levels. But watch out, because any damage whatsoever results in an instant death.

Gunslinger: Shoot lasers at enemies and monitors, because jumping on them is a waste of time (seriously, don't try it).

Sneak: If you can't handle Crawla's amazing speeds, press Custom 1 to revert back to vanilla-esque stats, but be careful when using it midair. Can also be used to safely converse with your brethren.

Sacrifice: Press the Custom 2 button to trade one life for 32 rings. Needed in order to beat the game.

Suicide: One life left and nowhere to go? Press Custom 3 to end it all.
Version 3.1:
  • Fixed error message that occurred when dying by certain means

Version 3:
  • Crawla's acceleration has been toned down from "jokingly overpowered" to "quick but maneuverable"
  • Max jumpfactor has been reduced to three times that of Sonic's
  • Sneak now functions a bit differently
Version 2:
  • Most bugs from v1 have been fixed, courtesy of TripelTheFox
  • Added the Sneak ability in order to increase control without the nerfing of stats
  • Power cap has been increased to 127 rings from 64, and Ring Fuel now gives 32 rings instead of 16 (about default stats)
  • Smoke now appears at 64 rings and only when the player is on the ground
  • Character Select description has been updated to better explain Crawla's abilities
Version 1:
  • Initial release
Thanks to everyone who helped me set up the Lua scripts. This was a fun little project to partake in.

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The concept is a fun one, though I don't like the execution here much. Crawla gets unbearably slippery unbearably quickly. His speed increase really ought to be reined in a little. As well, I feel like the jumping increase should be buffed. It doesn't take that many rings to get stupid speed but then his jump is really low and it doesn't look right.

I played with it up until THZ2 until that awful acceleration made me run into a Buzz I was trying to avoid and I quit after that.


Crawla has been updated to v2! This release includes a Sneak ability to increase control without nerfing stats, and bugfixes courtesy of TripelTheFox. If you weren't a fan of how the first version played, this should resolve some of your concerns.


Version 3 has been released. Sorry if the character wasn't as great as some of you hoped, but this time around I've fully committed to increasing the amount of control you have over Crawla at high speeds. If v2 didn't satisfy you, I'm confident this version will.


Version 3.1 is out, fixing a bug that caused error messages to appear when dying in certain scenarios.
not sure where to report this, gonna do it here.

if you use this with Custom Saves, and do time trials, then use the sacrifice twice, then die, you get the continue screen. if, for some reason, you decide to press enter, the game crashes.

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SRB2 Bonus video when
imagine this character having XMom support
oh boy the speed he would reach with a huge amount of rings (and also super/hyper Crawla being a thing)


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Faz Ele E uma boa ideia ate agora ninguem fez

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faz o mod do crushstacean da deep sea

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