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[Reusable] Cookie Run's GingerBrave and GingerBright! (Character Pack)

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The Imaginator

GingerBrave and GingerBright from the hit app game/series, Cookie Run! These two are very similar to each other, by just a few details! GingerBrave has a speed of 8, but a weight of 4. GingerBright has a speed of 7, with a weight of 3.

so basically gingerbright is better for experts, and gingerbrave is slow

Both Cookies belong to Devisisters.
Special thanks to fickleheart for 'Kartmaker,' the software I used to make these 2 characters!

That being said, I hope you enjoy my first mod!


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i'd say these sprites are pretty accurate to their appearances in the "Hello Brave Cookies" spin off game. despite Bright not appearing in it yet.

the Wanteds have me a lil conflicted. but other than that it's pretty good

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