Chengi's Track Attack Pack (kr_CTAP) v7.0 [updated 09/23/2021]

[Level Pack] Chengi's Track Attack Pack (kr_CTAP) v7.0 [updated 09/23/2021] v7a


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Released a quick hotfix for Sketchberry Spring/Obsidian Oasis. Re-grab the latest version if you're already hosting v7. (v7a is now the latest file)
Hidden boost sector on Acropolis allows for lawnmowing this spring cut


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I found some more bugs with the first jump with the yellow pads on Sketchberry Springs...

  1. Sometimes when using sneakers, karts will bounce up off of an invisible wall that's on the ground near the yellow springs.
  2. If I drive backwards (or sometimes forwards) through the pond after the yellow springs with extra speed (e.g. with a shoe or the boost panels) my kart will fall through the floor.

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