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CD Sonic warps into SRB2Kart!​

CD Sonic is a little slower than Regular Sonic, with a default color of Steel. He even supports sounds from both Sonic 1 and Sonic CD!

Known issues:
  • Some colors will look odd in the 4 color limit that CD Sonic's fur has.

Planned features:
  • Secondcolor!
  • A custom invincibility colorblink
  • Maybe custom invincibility music?

Version 1: Initial Release

[Try being creative with your colorblinks!]


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Welcome to eleases! However, keep in mind that if you make your planned update, you would have to mark him as "KCL_" due to the added Lua scripting. Also, this would make him unusable for time attack, so keep a Lua-less version around for those that don't mind the missing features. His rank and wanted icons also dont have a oure white background, they are slightly more towards gray then they should be, but its a pretty minor thing.
That's intentional, as I want to keep CD Sonic's colors down to his color set as much as possible.
{the only reason the KART doesn't follow this is because it looks weird with only CD Sonic's color set.}

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