BuddyEx v1.2

Could you add support for mario and luigi?


Im noone that matters
Thats the problem
Youre outdated

Use the 1.2
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Could you add support for mario and luigi?
Uh they already have?
Hi idk if its just me but I'm not able to add other bots apart from sonic. Like i type in addbot [Tails, Orange] or addbot [Rosy, Pink] but it just spawns in sonic with that colour


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I have a problem with this mod.Whenever i try to put out a diffrwnt bot (for example,Fang and Metal Sonic),i always get Sonic.I wrote the commands good,but i always get the same thing.Is there any way of fixing this?

EDIT: To proove my problem,have this screenshot.

(Also yes,i play SRB2 2.2.10 on Android,if you want to hate it,go away)
EDIT 2: Oops it worked now
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Whats the code you used to make the AI get grabbed by the Climber?? I wanna implement so Players in Coop can get hanged to the climber

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