BuddyEx v1.2

What do you mean they should always be around even when entering a new level
Oh my bad, I was using the Custom gamedata mod, when I leave the save file to go to the titlescreen, all the bots are gone.
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It would be cool if you could make a team that you could choose in the character selection screen, like how Alfredo made Team Sonic.
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Inspired by foxBot, combining the code of buddy.lua by Jimita and ExAI by CobaltBW, comes BuddyEX!

This mod allows anyone, in single-player or multiplayer, to add in object-based bots into the game which will follow you around and assist you on your adventures. Simply type addbot [skin, color] into the console to give yourself a buddy.



You can add more than one bot too! How many you can have at one time is only capped by the buddy_limit command, which can be set to pretty high values. Just try not to lag yourself out!

But that's not all, you can even swap between your bots too! Just press Weapon Next or Weapon Prev, and you'll instantly change your character to the next or previous bot in your party. Use the nextbot and prevbot commands if you'd rather use a different button for swapping!

If you don't want a bot anymore, you can use the delbot command to remove any of them. Enter in a number after the command to select a specific bot to get rid of.

Custom characters are supported too! Some may work better than others, and not all of them are perfect, but you can still easily create the team of your dreams!

As a bonus for those playing single-player, Team Sonic has been added to the character select screen! Relive the glory days of Sonic Heroes as you play through the game as this classic ragtag team of three.

You can use the stalkbot to spectate one of your own bots. It's not very useful for anything other than debugging, but you can use it if you want.

buddy_attack and buddy_seekdist are commands inherited from ExAI and can only be set by a netgame host. While they can be adjusted, it's usually just best to leave alone.

buddy_debug is used to print debug information about the bot AI, again from ExAI. It's recommended not to use this one at all unless you wanna get a better idea of how the bot AI works.

Since these bots are fake player objects, not every single interaction will play out as you think. I tried my best to get it as close as possible, but not everything is perfect.

Not all custom characters will be supported, nor will I be taking requests on who to support next. Characters like Tails Doll or Kirby have too complicated followmobj set ups to be worth porting over. As long as a character has vanilla abilities and no followmobj (or a vanilla one), they will be supported out of the gate. Otherwise, there may be a few inconsistencies.

Modern Sonic as a bot will cause an error upon destroying an enemy. There is no way for me to fix it sadly. But, the error will only pop up once and not affect gameplay, so you can simply ignore it when it happens.
Even tho the mod is old, I still love it I hope the owner isn't dead.
Nah. A "Team Robotnik" is most likely to have Robotnik in it. My ideal "Team Robotnik" would consist of him, Eggette and Eggrobo. (Also, I prefer to call him "Eggman".)
Yeah. Also, mecha sonic, metal sonic, and metal knuckles would be team metal. And if you dont like that, Metal Sonic, Tails Doll, and Metal Knuckles could be team imposter.

And it won't let me add bots.

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