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Professor Science Bear
It's a beach map, but fun.


Beige Beach Zone is the first map - or Round 1 - in the currently in development RenderCup. It features a mini-target near the end of the track for a little extra fun.

Navigate through a water current!


Try and hit a bullseye, whilst marveling at the largest palm tree in the universe!


What's that water bottle doing there...?


When you're in Beige Beach, you can be sure you'll have a relaxing and fun race.

3490 - Beige Beach Palmtree
3491 - Beige Beach Tree

Starman91 for helping to get the target jump to work
Eldog for the RallyHUD Lua script
TyroneSama and the Jartcast crew for providing feedback during the initial development
All the netgame testers for providing their feedback to me
And especially, the Kart Krew Discord for all the help I could get, as this is my first map I've worked on

Please, send me any feedback that you have either through here or through the Kart Krew Discord. I hope you enjoy it as much as I put all my time into making it!

v1.1: Added a turn signal to the underwater section, made the first jump out of the start not as strong (which would've killed the player with Hardsneaker or similar speed increasing changes), and added some extra water to the secret room.

v1.0: Initial release.


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Professor Science Bear
Version 1.1 is released. An extra turn signal was added to the underwater section, some extra water was added to the secret room (along with new music), and the first jump isn't as strong. This should prevent any deaths when adding any speed-increasing mods (Like Hardsneaker on KartMP or Slipstream).

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