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Simple script I made since I needed to test specific animations while working on a character WAD. I figure this may come in handy useful for other people as well, for character WADs & 3D modelling.

Use the command "animationdebug <sprite2> <animation speed> <frame> <super> <tail roll> <color>" to control it.
  • Set "sprite2" to '-1' to disable, or set it to a SPR2_ name/number to enable.
  • "speed" sets the playback speed, set to '0' to test a still frame.
  • Set "super" to 'true' to show Super animations, anything else to show normal animations.
  • Set "tail roll" to a value between '2' and '-2' to change Tails' overlay rotation value for certain sprites.
  • Set "color" to force a specific skincolor, including super colors, set to 'none' to use your existing color.

Use the console variable 'anim_lockangle' to disable the angle locking.


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Been waiting for something like this for quite some time, so this'll help out a lot with character creation and offset tweaking.
can you post a video of some kind showing how this functions? I can't figure out commands and stuff from description alone and the gif is too small for me to read whats goin on
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