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[Open Assets] Alert! Red Fang in the base! CTF_2fort [F_SRB2fortLD-v2] 2

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light dasher

Cacee gaming
Hello friends! It has been a very, VERY, long time since I last posted here, over 10 years ago infact! I did originally want to make my first repost here Lightdasher-Reborn! but characters take longer to make than levels in my opinion.


So this is actually my first level I've made in a very long time, so I'm very proud with how it came out, it innitially started playing with ZoneBuilder, so I figured I'd try and make something I already know quite a bit about. I've not really seen too many 2fort maps in SRB2 in the long years I played it durring 1.9.04, but Discord friends tell me this is the third or fourth time someone has tried to make this.


Well I didn't just try, I'm pretty sure I did! Coming straight from Team Fortress 2 I made everything from scratch! You've got your lower sewer path, you have your upper path over the top of the bridge, make sure you time your jump right, you can make it to the top of the barracks from the roof!


Thanks to Yike, little guy*, DylanDude, Always Has been and SuperPhanto for doing a small test run with me to make sure it was all nice and smooth.



I hope you enjoy my return to SRB2, it's almost like I never left. <3


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It's very good to see you back again, light dasher! I know someone tried to recreate 2fort in 2.0 but didn't finish it (I think a few of the textures made for it still linger in SRB2's files) but this is certainly interesting to see.

Definitely welcome to releases.
Released finally, you made this map in like 2-3 days, seeing you worked on it in the mapping channel on the official server and asking question to how ZB works is something I'm really proud of you, keep on working on maps in your future projects yeah?

Also, I tested it out a bit in which my only saying is that it lacks decoration, most sections feels empty, though hopefully you improved on these things, good luck.
You know I just noticed something and I have no idea how I overlooked this, I'll take this as an oppurtunity to add in a little more scenery and such, ring placements and the like will go unchanged so v2 will just be texture fixes and scenery improvements. Sorry if this messes with your OCD ;P


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Sorry to drop an update so soon, but I fixed that misplaced texture, but I also spruced up some of the more barren rooms too to make up for version 2.

Version 2 has been added into the first post if you didn't notice.


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Welcome back, bud! It's really great seeing the trend of Oldbie members returning better than ever!

I think this map would be PERFECT as an official SRB2 CTF map, as it's got good length, got good weapon balance's God damn 2fort, what more can you want?
Phew, I don't know how I managed to get to my destination because I've never played this map in any way before... still fun! Been a while since I tested something I didn't find with a unreasonable issue.
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Team Fortress 2 will never die thanks to things like this one!

You imply that TF2 was dying in the first place, and that it needs to rely on other games to stay alive.

Nah, the people that play TF2 is what's keeping it alive
thank you for coming to my ted talk
You imply that TF2 was dying in the first place, and that it needs to rely on other games to stay alive.

Nah, the people that play TF2 is what's keeping it alive
thank you for coming to my ted talk
I mean TF2 is immortal from a fandom perspective but from a company such as Valve the game is sadly slowly dying because of the lack of big updates...

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