Adventure Sonic (v1.8b)

Adventure Sonic (v1.8b) v1.8b

5/5 mod, but I'm told that dying while having this mod causes a crash; I haven't tested it myself, however, and it may or not be a conflict with other mods; a guy on my server assumes that it's a conflict with SMS, but I'm also using a mod similar to superrun(which I made before it came out), so idk
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I'm a bit late to the party huh?
This guy's jam packed with Effects, Unique Movement, nice sprites and more. The fact that there's an option to change the style to 3 different options just helps reinforce the fact that this mod oozes with love and care.
While your at it people, get all the essentials for a ultimate adventure-style experience!

2.2's Adventure Monitors:
SA2-Styled Goal Ring/Goal Ring:
Adventure Explosions:
SA1 HUD with Zone Cards and Health Bars:
Starpost Rewards:
I just noticed Sonic's spindash animation breaks when you try to use SMS' emerald. This is kind of ironic because Shine coded both mods, but yeah it happens


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I really enjoyed playing this mod, I had seen progress a long time ago on the SRB2 Discord server and did not pick my interest that much, but yesterday I saw that it was going to be released today, so I wanted to give it a try.

Man, I am pretty impressed by this, and it's so fun to play with. I love the physics and how he controls, he really does control like in the adventure games. And I just feel that his super form is just the definitive movement for Super Sonic honestly. It felt so good being able to switch to "running" to flying and the flying felt REALLY good. I would really want to see this kind of movement in vanilla Super Sonic honestly.

This mod is just 10/10 for me because aside from the movement and how he plays there was SO MUCH work on the sprites. Really awesome mod.
He's as good as he seemed in the development thread, tough i did somehow trigger a SIGSEV after finishing Fang's bossfight. Otherwise, more than awesome, will play the OLDC with him rn.

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